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What is an Herb Grinder and How Do You Use It?

What is an Herb Grinder and How Do You Use It?
Do you often make a mess when you prep your herbs for smoking? Or are you new in the world of smoking and wish to know the best practice for grinding and preparing your herbs? The best way to do enjoy your herbs and save money is to grind them using an herb grinder. We'll talk more about this amazing tool and how you can use it to make your smoking convenient and consistent.

What is a Herb Grinder?

Do you see those metal canisters displayed in online headshops? These are grinders that are often featured in stores. A grinder is one of the tools that are a must-have for smokers. depending on the design, a grinder comes in different types of material, shapes, and sizes.

multi-chamber herb grinder

There are metal, plastic, and wooden grinders. Most people would purchase metal grinders because they look nice, are durable, and can do impressive work on your herbs. Wooden grinders are rustic looking, which can be a good product to match with your wooden dugout. If you prefer something light-weight, you can have grinder products made with durable plastic. They don't look as great as metal, but they serve their purpose.

As for designs, the most common is a grinder with chambers, but you can also get one that looks like a credit card.

Grinders with chambers

These are herb grinders that have two or more pieces that connect together and create chambers. The top chamber is made up of the lid and a holder for your herbs. Both of them have teeth that can break up your herbs. Depending on the design, you can get a single-chamber grinder that most users love because of its simplicity. There are those who also prefer multi-chambered grinders. These often have accessories like a mesh screen on top of a lower chamber that serves as a catcher for crystals.

Grinder Card

It's a grinder that you choose if you're always on the go. You can slip it in your wallet, pocket, bag, or purse without getting too much attention. It's convenient to use if you're away from home a lot. It can't do the same fine work as herb grinders with chambers, but it's the best one to have for occasional smokers.

The tool has a mesh with big holes that you will scrape the herbs for grinding. It's safer to use than a cheese grater because there are no raised edges that can cut your fingers while you process products.

What is it used for?

You can utilize this tool to grind and pulverize your smoking herbs. Instead of using your fingers and get inconsistent chunks of nugs, you obtain a homogenous preparation. The result is an even and steady burn that makes smoking easy and cost-effective. Sure, you can use your hands to break your nugs apart. The problem is, doing so will cause some of that tasty pollen in our bud to stick to your fingers. If you're going to compare a hit from smoking grinds to torn herbs, the former has a deeper effect.

Also, one of the causes of wastage in smokers is the uneven sizes of their nugs in terms of thickness and consistency. You can't achieve an even burn if there are some thick chunks in your bowl or joint. It's also impossible to score a good pack on a roll, joint, or blunt.

card herb grinder

We mentioned crystals in the previous section. These crystals cling to the buds and leaves of your herbs. It gives amazing benefits to your smoke and edibles. It's hard to catch them if you're going to use your hands because a small puff can blow it away. With a multi-chamber type of grinders, users are able to catch and collect the crystals easily.

How do you use it for smoking herbs?

Using the grinder is easy and doesn't have that much learning curve. Let's start with the most common one.

Using a grinder system

  1. Open the lid and place the top section on the table.

  2. Load the tool with your favorite product. Make sure to cut the bud into small chunks using a pair of clean scissors so that pieces will fit in between the teeth. If you're preparing to smoke a joint or blunt, take the time to remove the stems and seeds to prevent uneven burn.

  3. Put the buds in the tool and put the lid back on.

  4. Hold the tool using two hands. Twist the chambers on opposite directions like a Rubic's cube. Be careful not to push on the lid to keep big chunks form falling in the lower chamber.

  5. Alternatively, you can also hold the grinder on the table and continue twisting just the top.

  6. Keep grinding for 20-40 seconds, depending on how coarse or fine you want your flowers to be. If your tool is new, check the chambers after several seconds or twisting. This will give you an idea of how sharp and effective your type of grinder will be.

  7. Take off the top sections and collect the herbs in the lower chamber.

Card-type grinder

  1. Place a clean piece of paper on the table or get a small dish.

  2. Put the card on an angle on the surface and scrape the herb against the holes.

  3. Light scrapes will give you fine products, while a heavy push will produce a coarse grind.

  4. Collect your processed herbs by scooping them with the card.

Herb grinders are great tools to prepare your flower or buds for smoking. It's mess-free, convenient, and allows you to enjoy your smoke to the fullest. They're a must-have for any smoker who's looking for consistent hits and wish to extend their stash. Have a grinder question? Hit us up on the comment section below!

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