Klip Grinder by HØJ: A Potent, Slicing Grind

Klip Grinder by HØJ: A Potent, Slicing Grind
Grinders continue to evolve every year, with companies creating new features and innovations to make your grinding experience enjoyable. The Thorinder Grinder has the patented Teeth-Tech, which features shark-like teeth for fluffy grinds. The Anaxy Star revolutionized grinding by allowing you to grind and store three different herbs. Can the Klip Grinder offer something different?

What is the Klip Grinder?

The Klip Grinder is made by HØJ, a company dedicated to transforming your smoking experience in every way possible The body of the grinder is made from a recyclable anodized aluminum alloy that’s strong, durable, and built to last you for years. The makers are confident in its durability that it comes with a life-long warranty.


You can say that is one sleek, sexy, and sophisticated grinder. Each compartment is ergonomically designed to make holding the grinder comfortable and easy. Each piece is also a thread-free grinder for a smooth, lock-free experience. No more hard twisting due to stuck-on resin that is often the problem with threaded grinders.

Now for the fun part. HØJ realizes that the way you grind your herbs affects the potency of your hits. They took this seriously and created the Klip Grinder that is unlike any other grinder. When standard grinders have pillars of teeth that mash and tear your herbs, the Klip has three sets of rotating blades. These blades are knife-sharp, slicing your herbs with every turn.

The Klip also comes with three control disks, allowing you to control how coarse or fine a grind you want. Use the regular disc for blunts, then shift to the smallest one if you feel like smoking a bowl, joint, or vaporizer. Once you’re done grinding, attach the funnel for hands-free dispensing.

And the best part? Each piece can be bought separately, making it easy to replace a lost or damaged piece.

Size and portability

It’s one of the highly portable grinders that you’ll own in your collection. Small and compact, you can easily take it with you anywhere. The Klip grinder comes in two portable sizes. One is the standard 2.2” grinder that has a 2.6 diameter for storing and grinding moderate amounts of herbs for the average smoker. Another is the Klip Mini, which stands 1.7” tall and has a 2” diameter, highly ideal occasional smokers, or when you’re always on the go. Because of the strong magnetic clip system, all your herbs stay in place. Spills won’t be too much of an issue as the parts

It’s one of the easiest grinders to clean

How to use the Hoj Klip Grinder

  1. Carefully assemble the pieces according to the manual. Take out the top part and insert your herb between the blades.

  2. Cover and hold the top and bottom parts with your hands.

  3. You can do alternate twists or do a full rotation when you’re grinding your herbs.

  4. Stop grinding when you feel the least resistance.

How to clean the grinder

Almost all smoking devices require iso or a special brand of cleaning solution for cleaning. All you need to clean the grinder is to soak it in hot water, and it’s good to go. You can add a few drops of liquid soap if you wish.

User experience

Using the grinder is easy, and many are appreciating the smooth mechanism of the grinder. The grip feels great, and there’s a frictionless spin of the blades in each turn. Each grind comes out fluffy consistency that’s hard to achieve with most grinders.

You can use it like a 4-pc or 2 pc grinder. Due to the style of the blades, grinding does take a bit longer, and the capacity isn’t as big as standard ones. However, many are saying that the result is consistent. Preparing cones and joints are easier because your herbs are even. The smoking experience is also smoother and more potent.

Maintenance is a pain for most grinders because of the mashing and mulching. That is not the case with the Hoj Klip Grinder. Cleaning is even effortless, with an occasional need for a brush when you forget to clean it after a few grinds.

The lifetime warranty and innovation does come with a steep price of $150. Some grinders don’t offer the same type of performance but do give you that fluffy grind for a lower price. Click here now and choose among our more affordable yet dependable grinders.


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