How To Use Your Herb Grinder With Screen

How To Use Your Herb Grinder With Screen
Are you using your herb grinder, but you don't seem to notice a good amount of kief gathering in the kief chamber? The amount of kief you're getting indeed depends on the quality of the herb flower that you've got. However, there are ways for you to get more with every grind. We'll teach you how to use a grinder with screen attachment and collect as much kief as you want.

Preparing your grind

First, let's have a look at your grinder. To have beautiful ground herbs, make sure that you have a clean grinder, with the teeth complete and sharp. Cheap-quality grinders often get dull teeth over time, and some may even break off. This won't be an issue if you're using a Sharpstone 4pc Solid Top Grinder. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the teeth will remain sharp after hundreds of grinding sessions.

Of course, no matter how sharp your grinder is, the bottom chamber won't be collecting a good amount of herbs if your grinder is dirty and sticky. The stickiest herbs may be delicious to smoke, but they leave thick resin behind when you grind.

How to use herb grinder with screen efficiently.

  1. Break your herb flower and fill the top chamber. If you're looking for a long session or prefer to grind once for future use, it's going to be really tempting to overfill the chamber. Resist the urge and fill it in such a way that you leave a good amount of room for the herbs to move around in between the teeth for a good grind.

  2. Seal the top and flip it upside down. Using a grinder while it's inverted allows you to grind your herbs without pieces falling prematurely during the grinding process.

  3. Hold the top and the body with both hands and twist back and forth in opposite directions like you would a Rubick's cube.

  4. You'll feel a bit of resistance at first, especially if you have a hard, dense nug. It's okay, keep going until you feel only a small resistance. Depending on your grinder, it will take about at least 10 rotations before you complete the process.

  5. Flip the grinder and continue to finish the process until as if you're not grinding anything.

  6. Tap the grinder to force the crystals through the sifter and down to the collection chamber below.

  7. Remove the lid and open the collection chamber to get your ground herbs. You can harvest the kief from your ground-up bud, or leave it in the kief catcher and stock up for a good smoke or edible.

Using a coin with your four-piece grinder

What? A coin? Yes, a coin. The perfect grinder coin will help you get more kief out of your grinders. What you do is you put it inside the middle chamber on top of the screen. What it does is it pushes the kief down through the screen while shoving the herbs out of the way.

Many smokers attest to it, and they get a good amount of smoke through this method. After grinding, just shake and tap the grinder before you open the top. To keep your smoking safe and clean, make sure that you boil the coin, disinfect with alcohol, and wash it thoroughly. Also, since most grinders have magnetic lids, double-check the coin. Some are magnetic, especially some coins in Canada.

Recap on using your herb grinder

To make sure that practice how to use a herb grinder with screen properly, you should:

  1. Clean the top chamber and inspect the sharpness of the teeth.

  2. Start using it upside down before flipping it right side up.

  3. Keep going until you get little to no resistance and stop the moment you do.

  4. Use the right size and type of coin to collect as many crystals as you can.

Once you've learned how to use herb grinder with screen the right way, you'll be able to get the best grind for your bong, pipe, or blunt.

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