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Kannastor Grinder: All Worth the Price

Kannastor Grinder: All Worth the Price
The world is continuously evolving, and so is your practice for preparing herbs for smoking or vaping. The day of using your fingers and scissors to prepare your herbs are slowly giving way to high-tech, almost-touch free grinding. Kannastor is one of the iconic names that smokers have come to know for their top-of-the-line grinder collection.

Kannastor Grinders

Kannastor has been making herb grinders since 2003, offering top-quality grinders to discriminating smokers. Throughout the years, they've created several grinder designs, from single-chamber varieties to multi-chamber tools that provide different functionality. Each generation of grinders features various styles and improvements, matching the needs of a highly evolving industry.

All Kannastor grinders are made using high-grade aircraft quality aluminum. The outside features anodized aluminum, further giving it a smooth, sturdy finish that can withstand scratches and smudges. Compared to other standard aluminum grinders, you'll immediately notice the effort and attention to detail. You'll know instantly that the grinder will last you for years.

Innovative solutions

What makes Kannastor grinders efficient? The different features that, in combination, result in a smooth, effortless grind. The unique diamond teeth design that does an excellent job shredding even the toughest and stickiest herbs that you have. The spaces in between prevent excessive friction while ensuring just the right contact to process your product.

The holes at the are strategically placed, so herbs will fall instead of sticking to the grinding chamber. No more worries about poor grinding consistency or over-grinding your herbs. Add in a clear top and you'll be able to see just how well you've ground your herbs without having to open your mil.

What you'll most appreciate about the brand is the screen guard. The mesh is just the perfect size that allows you to catch the finest kief without including other ground material. The screen is made of stainless steel material that's easy to clean and

Kannastor 2pc grinder

The 2pc grinder is perfect for those who are after simplicity and portability. The minimalistic design makes it one of the discreet grinders to have. The modular design allows you to grind your herbs with the fewest turns possible.

The 2pc grinder comes in three sizes: 1.5", 2.2", or 2.5" to meet your needs for portability and storage capacity. You can also get one that has a ball chain so you can wear it like a pendant.

Kannastor 4pc grinder

The 4pc grinder is a proud addition to the Kannastor line, just like our 1.5" Kannastor 4pc Grinder Easy Change Screen. Boasting of the same aerospace material, the 4pc grinder provides both grinding and storage solutions for smokers who prefer to keep everything in one place. Having the same modular design and strong magnets, the compartments maintain a tight connection to keep your herbs locked in.

How does it feel to use it? Just like the 2pc grinder, this version still provides the same smooth and easy grinding experience. It's wrist-friendly, and you only need a few turns to get that fluffy grind that you need.

For those who love kief, this is the grinder that will work best for you. It comes with an easy change screen that you can replace with either a finer or slightly bigger gauge depending on what you're after for your grinds. To get the kief, just tap in between grinds to help them separate from your herbs and fall through the screen to the collecting chamber.

Some of the grinders come with a clear top or chamber body that gives you a good view of how your herbs are going.

The downside of things

There are a few issues that you also need to be aware of. For one, some find it hard to replace the easy change screens. Although you don't need to do it regularly, it's still a hurdle considering that they've marketed it for effortless maintenance.

A few reviews also showed that the plastic part of the grinder tends to detach itself from the body. This interferes with the grinding process as you need to stop and re-attach the part to use the grinder.

Overall experience

Kannastor grinders are great accessories for both casual and heavy smokers. With its high-grade aluminum body, it's going to be the grinder that you'll use for years. In more ways than one, it pays itself off for the price that you pay. By producing a consistent grind, you extend your stash longer and you'll be able to savor the full flavor and potency of your herbs.

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