Marley Natural Herb Grinder: Sustainable American Beauty

Marley Natural Herb Grinder: Sustainable American Beauty
Metal Grinders are great tools because they are durable and can give you years of grinding service. Cool as the design may be, there are times when you want to be connected to Mother Nature when you smoke. The Marley Natural Herb Grinder can help you achieve oneness with the Earth while remaining functional and efficient.

What is the Marley Natural Herb Grinder?

Wood has a distinct warmth and texture that makes you feel connected to the tool. It’s got an earthy feel to it and a particular one-of-a-kind appeal that you can’t seem to get from acrylic and metal grinders. Marley Natural created two different types of grinders that are a mix of nature and modern technology in one.

The outstanding feature of the Marley Natural Herb Grinder is that it’s made using North American Black Walnut. The wood is sustainably sourced yet still has the strong physical qualities that black walnut is known for. At the top of the lid is the Marley Natural emblem that complements the dark, natural grains of the wood.

The top is magnetically connected to the grinder chamber made of anodized aluminum. Depending on the design, you can have a Marley Natural herb grinder that has a wooden body or see-through acrylic. The transparent window is made with shatterproof polycarbonate that makes it portable.

All of the Marley Natural herb grinders are 4-pc herb grinders. At the bottom of the collecting chamber is a removable screen that helps sift ground herbs to separate pollen. This chamber has an aluminum dish that can house all the pollen and make it easy for you to harvest. Turn the grinder upside down, and you’ll see a metal scraper that can help you get them all properly.

The grinder comes in two sizes, which are large and small.

Large herb grinder

The large herb grinder has 27 custom-engineered teeth that can efficiently grind your herbs. The large capacity is good for those who want a long session or prefer to get big hits. The wooden, grainy exterior gives the large grinder a good grip texture to make your grinding slip-free.

Small herb grinder

Travel-friendly and compact, don’t let the small size of this grinder fool you. Even if it’s 2.4” in size, this grinder has 35 sharp anodized aluminum teeth. That’s more than enough to grind through even the densest and thick herbs that you’ll be using with your pipe.

How to use the Marley Natural Herb Grinder

  1. Remove the top lid and make sure are all the parts are screwed on securely.

  2. Break your herbs so that they will fit inside the grinding chamber. Place it around and on top of the teeth, making sure to keep the magnet clear.

  3. Replace the lid and grind the herbs by twisting the top against the body back and forth.

  4. Continue grinding until you feel as if the whole grinder is empty.

  5. Place the grinder on top of a flat, even surface, and gently tap on the lid several times. You can also tap the grinder on the surface. This will help the pollen fall down to the pollen-collecting chamber.

  6. If you have enough kief at the bottom, take out the pollen scraper from underneath the grinder by sliding it out. Use it to scrape or scoop the pollen from the chamber so you can use it when you smoke your bong, spoon, or blunt.

How to clean the grinder

The best way to clean the grinder is to use a brush to scrape out all the left-over herbs from the chamber after each use. This will help prevent gunk from sticking to the teeth and sides of the grinder. You can use a dry brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush that’s barely moistened with alcohol if you have a sticky residue. Use a paper towel to clean out the grinder thoroughly as well as remove any trace of alcohol. Make sure to keep the grinder dry to prevent ruining the beautiful wood.

What are people saying about the Marley Natural Herb Grinder?

The grinder is more than just eye-candy. The wooden design that has a functionality to match makes the grinder worthy of carrying the Marley name. The operation is so smooth, and the grinder works efficiently on any herbs.

The price may be a bit steep for a grinder. You can get a grinder that’s as efficient for a fraction of the cost. One such example is the Kannastor 4-pc grinder and the Sharpstone 4-pc grinder. They don’t come with wooden parts like the Marley Natural, and they don’t have the same warmth this grinder gives. However, the design and the functionality of the grinder makes up for the price.

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