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Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder Review

Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder Review
Sharpostone is known for excellent grinders that are well-made with good material and design.  Aside from their flat-topped grinders, there's also the Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder.

The material and design

The Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder is an upgraded version of your standard 4-pc grinder. It's made from aircraft-grade aluminum rod processed using the latest CNC machining technology. The exterior has a smooth, anodized finish that protects it from wear and prevents smudge marks.

The top has a durable polycarbonate window that allows you to see through the grinding chamber. You can easily see if your herbs need further grinding, or if you're done for the day. It's a plus for those who are tired of having to open the lid and spilling out precious herbs when checking if the herbs are acceptable. The processing compartment has sharp cutting blades that are even in size to ensure superior grinding. This is a great advantage for those who are fond of thick, dense, and sticky herbs.

The main feature of this grinder is the hand crank. The crank also allows you to hold the grinder at your hand's natural position. There's less stress on the wrist since there's no more pressure to twist and turn the lid, adding enjoyment to the grinding process. With each turn, the blade spins to cut through the herbs and grinds it against the diamond blades. The added ribbed and textured edges give you that secure grip so you don't have to hold the grinder too hard.

As a 4-pc herb grinder, the Sharp Stone Hand Crank Herb Grinder has a stainless steel mesh. It helps sift through the ground herbs so that you'll gather all the fragrant pollen.

How to use the Shaprstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Using the crank handle herb grinder is almost the same as your standard herb grinder, with a little modification.

For regular smoking

  1. Twist the lid to reveal the grinding chamber. Ensure that the rest of the parts are connected properly.

  2. Place the herb on top of the teeth of the grinding chamber. Be careful not to overfill the grinder.

  3. Twist the lid securely, then hold the grinder in one hand or keep it steady on a straight, stable surface. Using your other hand, turn the crank handle until the grinder chamber is clear.

  4. Tap the lid gently several times to encourage the kief to fall to the collecting chamber below.

  5. Twist the top chamber off to collect your ground herbs.

Preparing herbs for a vaporizer

Instead of starting with the herb grinder at the upright position, turn the grinder upside down before you start grinding. This will allow you to grind the herbs finer since the herbs won't fall through the holes as you grind. Once you get the consistency that you're after, put the grinder back to its upright position, and let the ground herbs fall through the holes.

What are people saying about the Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder?

The materials are also durable and dependable, which can give you years of effortless grinding. One user said that she'll be getting another Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder, but it won't be any time soon. Another accidentally dropped the grinder with the top lid and crank, hitting the concrete surface. The acrylic piece and crank top stayed solid, and the grinder is still good to go.

If you're a heavy smoker, the 2.5" grinder is ideal for you. It's large enough to help you grind as much as 2g of herb in one sitting. This means no repeated use of the rotary crank herb grinder whenever you need your smoke. The tight lid secured by a magnet and the oRing helps keep your ground herbs stored until you need them.

There are others, though, that didn't get the same experience with the hand crank herb grinder. Someone had the handle broken after a month of use, even though the grinder was only half full.  Overfilling is definitely not advisable since it makes it hard to turn the crank.

The holes are a bit big, which means you may get a coarser grind than most. That can be easily remedied by inverting the grinder, but you do have to watch out for your pollen. All in all, the Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder is ideal for people with grip and wrist problems. It's a cool herb grinder to have and can be a great conversational piece when you're having a sesh with a friend or two.


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