The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder Review

The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder Review
The Kind Pen is a brand well known for its chosen line of vaporizers from dry herb pens, wax vaporizers, and essential oil vaporizers. To match up with the needs of their dry herb pens, they also created their own line of grinders. We’ll be looking at the Kind Pen Tri-Level herb grinder to see if it can help you prepare your herbs perfectly for your vaping session.

The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder

This grinder is a 4-pc grinder made of durable aluminum. At the lid, you’ll see The Kind Pen logo that adds a catchy focal point to the anodized surface. Underneath the top, as well as the grinder chamber, are sharp, diamond-shaped teeth. These two are magnetically connected to make grinding easy yet secure.

The middle piece has a fixed mesh screen at the bottom that effectively captures kief from your herbs. This part has a locking mechanism that screws it with the pollen chamber, making it a good storage compartment.

Although it bears The Kind Pen’s official logo, the grinder is made by a different company. However, they describe the company as “highly credible,” which means you are getting a good product.

How to use the Kind Pen Tri-Level herb grinder

Using this grinder is the same as any other standard grinder. Make sure that all the pieces are securely in place, with no loose connections. This will ensure that all the herbs that you’ll grind will stay inside the grinder and won’t spillover.

Open the lid and place your botanicals on the grinding chamber. You can fill it up to slightly more than 3/4s the capacity. This way, your herbs will have more room to move, and you’ll have an even grind. Overpacking is not advised as you’ll have a hard time grinding your herbs to the right consistency that you want.

You can start grinding your herbs by twisting the top in a complete circular motion, or at repeated quarter turns. Stop when you feel as if the grinder is empty, then set it on the table. Tap the lid to encourage the pollen to fall down the catcher, then open the lid.

If you’re grinding for an herb vaporizer, start with the grinder in an inverted position. Once you feel there’s very little pressure left, put The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder in the right position and continue to grind to encourage the herbs to fall down.

How does the grinder work for smokers?

If you’re looking for an efficient grinder for your herbs, you won’t regret purchasing The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder. The grinder works great, and it can work as a good storage compartment when you want your herbs ready when you are.

The teeth are sharp enough to break down through every bud you throw at it. You’ll taste and feel the difference throughout your session, and you’ll appreciate the efficiency once you take a hit. For those who want a bolder, solid session, this one won’t disappoint.

The build of the grinder is also of top quality. A customer had The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder for three years, and it’s still sharp as the first day. Of course, the grinder is still subject to wear and tear. The magnet of his grinder fell off, and the screen soon gathered a good amount of gunk. Yet the grinder is still able to perform the best that it should.

If you want a travel-friendly grinder, this is the one for you. It’s handy, compact, and can be your traveling buddy. You don’t need that much space to carry it around, yet the compartment is of a good size for carrying a good amount of herbs.

Should you want other grinders, there are also great ones from Kannastor, Sharpstone, and Cali Crusher. These grinders are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring that you dependable and reliable grinders for you to choose from. Click here now, and we’ll deliver your grinder in the comforts of your home!

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