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Thorinder Grinder by After Glow: A Zappy Grinder for Smokers

Thorinder Grinder by After Glow: A Zappy Grinder for Smokers
Different grinders have different appeals. The Pokeball Herb Grinder triggers your nostalgia, especially if you’re a fan of the animated series. The Kannastor Grinder, on the other hand, speaks out to your practical yet sophisticated side. The Thorinder Grinder by After Glow captures your attention because of its eye-catching design that will make you feel like your  a thunder deity over your sesh

Build and materials

All Thorinder herb grinders are made using high-grade aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel for a strong yet light-weight construction. The durable material can stand the abuse, allowing you to use it time and time again. The clear top is also made from a durable material that won’t break easily when you pack it in your bag or luggage.

Instead of the usual O-rings or threads that you see in most grinder tops After Glow uses a strong magnet to provide a tight seal. The strong connection allows you to store your herbs yet won’t cause any locking issue that you normally experience with threaded herb grinders.

The Thorinder Grinder by After Glow design

The design of the Thorinder Grinder is akin to its namesake. Right off the bat, you’ll immediately see lightning-shaped spikes underneath the acrylic top. You can see the same lightning shape in the holes of the second compartment, which is an unusual feature that’s identifiably Thorinder. Most grinders like the Golden Gate have a knurled edge for a non-slip grip, The Thorinder Grinder features an ergonomic design with its wais, allowing you to clutch the grinder securely with each turn.

When you open your grinder, you often see a diamond or square-shaped teeth, which already proved their grinding efficiency. After Glow took it a step further with Teeth-Tec™, designing the teeth with curved tips and ends similar to that of a shark’s. These teeth line the lightning bolts found beneath the clear top, as well as the surface of the grinder chamber.


Thorinder Grinder by After Glow offers a variety of choices that makes them worthy of social media fame. You’ve got five color choices to choose from, such as steel gray, hot orange, cobalt blue, silver, and olive drab. They also come in different series such as:

  • Thorinder – the “standard” series that’s about 2.44” in diameter.

  • Thorinder mini – small grinder that’s barely 2”, ideal for traveling.

Plus and extras

The Tholinder Grinder comes with a flexible pollen scraper to help you gather all your collected kief as well as scrape out residue from the screen. Each piece also comes with its own magnetic box that can store and protect your grinder when not in use. After Glow made sure that you only get authentic items by adding an anti-counterfeiting code in each grinder. Just type in the 16-digit code in their official anti-counterfeiting query website to verify the authenticity of your grinder.

However, this is the only brand that offers replaceable parts. If you lost a chamber, you could purchase a replacement for that piece only on their website.


A Thorinder Grinder will cost you $50 in most online headshops as well as on the After Glow website. It’s a steep price considering that some grinders offer better features above the Thorinder for a lower price. This puts the grinder down the popularity chain since not many are willing to spend $50 just for a flashy, unique grinder.

The Thorinder Grinder performance

This grinder gives top-notch grinding performance thanks to the uniquely-shaped teeth. Your herbs get this fluffy, even grind, and there’s plenty of kief gathered after each pass. The transparent lid does tend to trap some herbs and pollen, and some bits tend to stick to the chamber.

For this reason, you need to regularly clean your grinder to keep it in tip top-performing condition. The threads also tend to stick after several use, further making maintenance a necessary routine. It is a common issue with grinders, but for such a price, you would expect it to perform a bit better than most.

Are you looking for a grinder that can give the same performance at an affordable price? Click here now and get one of our carefully select collection which we’ll gladly send right at your doorstep!

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