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Tips for Using an Herb Grinder

Tips for Using an Herb Grinder
Herb grinders are beautiful tools that can help you enjoy your hers to the fullest. They can grind your herb on varying ranges of consistency for a better burn without any waste. Here are some tips for using an herb grinder so that it will stay in its optimum grinding function.

Always clean after use

Just like any other piece of tool, your herb grinder works best with regular cleaning. Your herbs can leave sticky debris inside your mill. All that pollen and bits of herb pieces have essential oils and compounds that can oxidize and ruin your grinder. They interfere with the contact between the chamber and teeth, causing a poor grind.

Use a soft piece of cloth or a soft-bristled brush to take out all of those bits and pieces. Stubborn stuck-on herbs won't give? Throw your grinder parts inside the freezer for an hour. Similar to the concept of cleaning a silicone bong, freezing can help you remove left-over herbs faster.

Don't soak the grinder, though!

Soaking is a no, whether you have a wooden or metal grinder. Wood will absorb water, while metal can corrode. Even if you a Sharpstone Four-Piece Grinder, excessive moisture can ruin the metal body.

Use the a soft cloth soaked in iso alcohol instead to wipe out all the left-over herbs that can contaminate the next batch. Use a brush or a toothpick to poke out stubborn residue. A quick yet thorough rinse will be enough to take out all that alcohol and leave your tool sparkling clean for the next grind.

Ease on the pressure

A well-maintained and clean grinder will always stay sharper longer and smooth to use. You don't need to push down or twist hard to process your herbs. Too much pressure can cause your grinder to get dull faster. High-quality grinders like the Kannastor Multi-Chamber 4-piece grinder have sharp teeth that will do good work on your herbs. Let the grinder do its job, and you'll spend less time using your tool.

Flip for a fine grind

Portable dry herb vaporizers like the GPen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer often require a finer grind compared to bongs or hand pipes. However, it's difficult to do so when the herbs fall in the lower chamber. Take out the kief chamber then invert your grinder. Once you're done grinding, put the kief chamber back and gather your herbs.

Break your herbs before loading

Grinding is always easy if you have a wider surface area. One of the reasons why you get an uneven grind is that you load a big nug in the grinder. Break your herb in chunks instead of loading it in one piece. This way, the teeth of your grinder have more room to work with. It's one of the best tips for using an herb grinder that your mill will thank you for!

Kannastor-Multi-Chamber-4pc-Grinder-2.2-Black-Silver Keep your Kannastor

Do not overfill!

Grinding takes time and effort. Because of this, most who are new in herb grinding feel that they can get more done by overfilling the top chamber. However, that will result in a very coarse and uneven finished product. For best results, grind your herbs in batches so that you have even consistency and you don't spill herbs everywhere.

Tap after grinding

Once you're done grinding, tap your unit several times, especially if your grinder comes with a crystal catcher. Tapping makes sure that you get most of the ground herbs, and you'll harvest as much kief as you can from the batch.

Close the chambers

Never leave the chamber of your grinder exposed. Some often do either voluntarily or accidentally. Usually, the result is that you knock the chamber over, spilling your herbs. It's a sorry sight to see, especially if you're down to your last stash. Open the chambers only when you're ready to scoop or you're about to do aftercare.

Observe the resistance

Sometimes we either under or over-grind herbs, especially when we're excited with our new toy. Observe how the grinder feels when you process your herbs. Notice that as you continue to grind, the resistance lessens the longer you twist and turn. Stop grinding once you feel as if you're twisting an empty grinder.

We hope that these tips for using an herb grinder will help you use your new toy to the fullest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or leave a comment below!


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