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Toker Titanium Herb Grinder Review: An Affordable Grinder to Try

Toker Titanium Herb Grinder Review: An Affordable Grinder to Try
There are some herb grinders that show promise, even though they are affordable. Will we expect the same with the Toker Titanium Herb Grinder? Here’s our review to help you decide if this will be your go-to grinder or one you’ll use in case of emergencies only.

The Toker Titanium Herb Grinder

This grinder is dedicated to tokers who are looking for something that’s easy to use, affordable, yet can grind herbs efficiently. The material is crafted from highly durable air-craft grade anodized aluminum that won’t dent or break. The sleek anodized finish is scratch-resistant, keeping the herb grinder looking good and smooth for a long time.

The grinder is 2” x 2” x 1” in diameter, an ideal compact size for a 4-pc herb grinder. You have the top that has a powerful magnet to keep a tight seal. Underneath are 14 sharp diamond-cut teeth that match with the 12 at the bottom grinder chamber. Below the herb catcher is a super-fine mesh screen that carefully sifts all that good pollen. Helping keep things smooth as you grind is a Teflon O-ring to keep the grinding motion smooth and filling free.

How to use the Toker Titanium Grinder

One pet peeve that customers have when they get the grinder is the lack of instructions on how to use it. If this is your first time to use an herb grinder, we’ll teach you how to utilize the Toker Titanium Grinder to the fullest.

  1. Take the parts out of the box. Depending on where you got your Toker Titanium Grinder, you’ll see the pollen scraper at the bottom compartment. Take it out and set it aside.

  2. Carefully inspect all the parts. Make sure that all of the chambers are screwed on except for the top cover. Place the cover on the table or counter with the teeth side up to keep it clean.

  3. Place your nugs in the grinder chamber, making sure to keep the center free of botanicals. Don’t overfill or crowd the chamber. Fill it 3/4 of the way or up to 80% capacity so that you have room to move the herbs around as you grind.

  4. Carefully place the top cover on the grinder, making sure that you’ll be able to close it securely. You can start grinding by pushing the top cover as you twist or turn the grinder. You can do alternating quarter turns, or a full turn.

  5. If you want a really fine grind, turn the grinder upside down so that the top cover is at the bottom.

  6. Continue twisting and turning until you feel as if the grinder is empty.

  7. Put the Toker Titanium Grinder to an upright position and do a couple more turns to push the herbs to the collecting chamber.

  8. Place the grinder on the table and gently tap it against the surface to encourage the pollen to go down.

  9. Twist the top chamber off so that you’ll have access to the ground herbs on the second chamber.

  10. Let the kief stay in the bottom chamber until you get it full, or you can take it out to use instantly.

How to clean the grinder

You can clean the grinder by brushing it with a toothbrush moistened with isopropyl alcohol. It’s best that you keep the grinder clean by taking out stuck-on gunk regularly. Brush the teeth, then rinse well under warm running water. If you got too busy adulting that there’s a lot of residues left in the grinder, a good soak in iso alcohol for at least 30mins would do. You can go for as long as 1-4 hours, just be mindful of the coating.

What are people saying about the Toker Titanium Herb Grinder?

The functionality of the grinder is on point. It’s smooth, easy to turn, and gets the job done. The teeth are sharp and can shred your herbs to just the right consistency. A little attention is required, though, when you load. Make sure you keep the center clear to allow the magnet to keep the lid secure.

The material is also sturdy, with the size fun and compact if you’re getting the 2” version. However, the finish a bit smoother than comfortable.   A little bit of texture would make it easier to grind if you have a lot of herbs to take care of. If you’re a heavy smoker, this size may be too small for you. If you got large nugs, you might need to break them apart a bit to make it easy to process.

Want something more sturdy? We’ve got some grinders from Sharpstone and Kannastor to meet your smoking needs. Click here now, and we’ll send them to you at the safety of your home!


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