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Top 10 Best Hookah Brands for 2019

Top 10 Best Hookah Brands for 2019
Welcome back to Big Daddy Smoke! We’ll be ending our hookah week with our top 10 Best Hookahs for 2019.

10: GSTAR Delux Series 2-Hose Hookah 18”

$29.99 GSTAR Hookah

We’ll start our list with the GSTAR Delux Series with their 18” 2-Hose hookah. It’s a modern-style hookah with a traditional Egyptian design. The materials used to build the hookah are strong and durable, made to last for years of hookah sessions. Assembly and packing is a breeze. You don’t have to worry about loose parts or hard-to-remove connections. The height is perfect for a satisfactory hookah session, and you can take it with you as you travel.

Despite its size, it’s great for sharing with a couple of friends, but not for parties, unfortunately. If you want an intimate session with your loved one or a close friend, this is the hookah for you.


  • Gives great hits

  • Airtight seal

  • Clean, metallic-free taste

  • Affordable


  • Size not suitable for large groups

9: Habibi Single Hose Hookah Pipe Set 24”

All black and elegant, the Habibi Single-Hose hookah pipe set is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, entry-level hookah. It comes with a ceramic bowl and leather-wrapped hose as well as regular charcoal tongs.

The Habibi Hookah has a broad base that provides excellent stability. The material used is durable and suitable for the price. You may have to run it a couple of times as some say they get a leathery, plastic taste to it. However, after a couple of hits, the taste is all gone. You get to savor your shisha, and the clouds are highly satisfying.


  • Easy to carry around

  • Has a comfortable weight


  • Black, opaque vase makes it hard to see the water level

  • There’s a hint of rubbery taste at the first few sessions

  • Has a bit of draw resistance due to the narrow hose

8: The Babylonian Hookah 40''

$169.99 5Star Hookah

Are you searching for a really big hookah that looks great and functions wonderfully? Have a look at this ginormous 40” Babylonian Hookah. You get a beautiful glass trumpet vase handpainted with highly-detailed floral design. Moving up the stem you’ll find a threaded hole in the shaft for screwing in the hose, giving you an air-tight seal free from grommets. The stem has traditional markings that pay homage to the Babylon Empire.

If you’re having problems with cleaning the hookah stem, we highly recommend getting this Babylonian hookah. It’s got a removable inner tube that helps you clean the hookah thoroughly. This option allows you to use the hookah longer because you have less buildup inside the stem.

Another unique feature in Babylonian hookahs is that you have two air valves: one on top of the shaft, and another one at the bottom. Depending on your preference, you can use a screw-on hose or a traditional hose with the hookah.


  • Has a crisp bubbling sound

  • High-quality hose

  • Convertible to a 2-hose hookah

  • Easy to clean

  • Ideal for heavy smokers


  • The massive size makes it difficult to store

7: Sahara Dom Tsunami Hookah 24”

$132.95 Big Daddy Smoke

Sahara is one of the best hookah brands in the market. Each hookah they made is engineered for maximum performance and durability. The Sahara Dom Tsunami Hookah comes with a thick, hand-blown glass that sports a beautiful ripple effect. You get an SS6 stem made with aluminum and stainless steel. The stem as a beautiful matt finish and gives exceptional performance because of its wide tubing.

The name Tsunami suits his Sahara hookah well. It gives powerful hits and provides massive smoke for a satisfying session with friends. The high-grade silicone hose gives it a modern feel, and you can easily convert it to a 4-hose hookah with the right adapter.


  • Ultra-wide gauge for a smooth and easy smoking experience

  • Elegant, ripple pattern design

  • Washable hose

  • Comes with a Vortex bowl


  • Silicone hose lessens the traditional feel of the hookah.

Buy the Sahara Dom Tsunami Hookah now.

6: Sheikh All Glass Hookah 18”

$149.99 VooV Hookah

There are different ways to prepare a hookah other than just your typical water. The Sheikh all-glass hookah by VooV is a hookah that helps you convert your traditional hookah experience into something fun and wild. The whole body is made entirely of high-grade heat-resistant borosilicate glass expertly crafted by professional glassblowers. The sheer transparency of the hookah makes it ideal for a smooth kick back, or visually stimulating hookah party session with friends.

It’s a highly entertaining and sophisticated piece. Because almost all the parts are entirely made up of glass, you only get the clean, clear flavor of your shisha. However, since the Sheikh Hookah is made of glass, you need to be careful in using it. Make sure to set it up in a safe location that would keep it from any accidents. Still, you don’t have to worry too much when using the hookah. The glass is thick and durable, and the base is wide enough to provide stability whenever you’re using the hookah.


  • Clean smooth taste because of the glass parts

  • Adding color and flavor to the hookah water gives the hookah a beautiful conversational appearance and a deeper smoking experience.

  • Easy to set up


  • Fragile since almost the entire body is made of glass.

  • Expensive compared to other hookas of the same size.

  • Does not come with LED lights.

5: StillCool Mini Portable Hookah 5”

Having quick, short sessions with a regular-sized hookah is tedious, time-consuming, and wasteful. To make thing fast, economical and efficient for flash hookah smoking, there’s the StillCool Mini Portable Hookah. It’s the handiest mini hookahs you’ll ever get because of the absence of a hose. The StillCool Mini Portable Hookah is easy to pack and carry with you or store once you’re done.

It’s one of the best hookahs because of its portability and functionality. It’s easy to use, and you can even smoke dry herbs with it. You can use it as a hookah or as a water pipe by adding water to the bubble. Take out the water, and you got an excellent dry pipe for thick, bold flavors.


  • Can be used as a hookah/water pipe, or a dry pipe

  • Gives smooth hits

  • Smoke flavor is clean

  • Portable and unique in design


  • Stem is difficult to clean.

4: Oduman N5-Z Junior Glass Hookah 11”

$105.00 Hookah-Shisha

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish, yet durable hookah that is compact and easy to use, the Oduman N5-Z Junior Glass Hookah is the one for you. Crafted in Turkey, the N5-Z Junior is made of high-quality, thick glass that provides a solid, stable feel to it. It occupies just a little surface area on your table and still at 11” in height even with elegant stand. All metal components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, built to last you for years.

The 3-ft silicone hookah is washable and highly flexible for convenient and comfortable use. What’s more, you have a control valve near the mouthpiece to prevent tasty hookah smoke from escaping. The matt black stand makes the Oduman N5-Z Junior look like it’s levitating on the table as you smoke. It does not come with a bowl, though, but you can use any bowl that you wish with it. Make sure you have one ready so that you can use it immediately when you get it.

Even with its small size, you get thick, flavorful smoke. The added diffuser not only helps cool down smoke but also minimizes vibration with each pull. You won’t have to worry too much about the hookah moving from the table as you enjoy your session.


  • Sleek, stylish modern design

  • Made of thick glass

  • Hose is washable

  • Threaded hose for secure, leak-free smoking.


  • Fragile because of glass pieces.

  • Does not come with a bowl.

3: Pharaoh’s Kronos Hookah 22”

$104.49 Big Daddy Smoke

Time stops when you sit down and have a hookah session with the Pharaoh’s Kronos Hookah. It’s one of the easiest hookahs to set up. Standing at 25 inches, you won’t have to worry about connecting a long, heavy stem to the base. The Kronos has a unique quick-lock or interlocking system that effortlessly secures the stem to the base. No more forcing the stem down or twisting just to assemble the hookah. You get a 6-feet hose with a wooden handle and metal tip for easy use.

The stylish bowl-shaped base has an intricate swirling pattern that makes you feel that you’re trapped in a vortex of time. Drag your friends in with you as the Kronos has a multi-port hub that easily supports up to 4 hoses. Sharing a hookah experience has never been this easy and satisfying.


  • Beautifully designed vase

  • Adjustable to four hoses

  • Quality build and construction

  • Secure and firm interlock system


  • Has a bit of a drag when used with 4 hoses.

Buy the Pharaoh’s Kronos Hookah now.

2 MYA Mini Portable Hookah 9″

$29.50 Big Daddy Smoke

You don’t have to worry about a small apartment or dorm for a hookah. The MYA Bijou hookah is a 9” Egyptian-style hookah that sits perfectly on your table and can easily be stored in your closet. Don’t let the small size fool you. Regardless of its cute appearance, the Bijou can accommodate up to two hoses for an easy session with a friend. The base is made of thick glass and easily transportable. You can take it with you on trips and even camping.

You got grommets added in the right places for an airtight seal for smooth, large hits. The seals are made of durable material, so you know you’ll be using the Bijou for a long time. It’s a great hookah for beginners, solo-smokers, and small sessions with a friend.


  • Small, discreet and compact size

  • Comes with a ceramic bowl

  • Thick, durable glass for the vase

  • Can accommodate 2 hoses


  • Small hits

Buy the MYA Mini Portable Bijou Hookah now.

1: Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

$142.49 Big Daddy Smoke

You can’t have a top list of the best hookah brands without mentioning Khalil Mamoon. It’s a worldwide hookah name because of its dedication to producing traditional and elegant Egyptian hookahs. The Black Shareef has made it into Khalil Mamoon’s top brands because of its performance, artistic design, quality engineering, and easy maintenance.

You certainly get your money’s worth when you buy the Black Shareef. Fused welded stems and handpainted glass base adds a unique perfection to the hookah. Because it’s made by hand by expert hookah makers, no Black Shareef is exactly the same as the other one. The wide stem and hose gauge provides easy, resistance-free pulls for a relaxing hookah session. Check out our Black Shareef Review to know more about this fantastic hookah.


  • Quality, solid build

  • Stable

  • Low to zero draw resistance


  • Can be heavy

  • The length of the stem can make cleaning it difficult on a small sink.

Buy the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef now.

These are the best hookahs that you can get in 2019. Each has its own character and appeal for a unique, memorable smoking session. What’s more, these hookahs range in affordability, and there’s a hookah that will give you a great smoking experience even at a small price.

Be sure to check out our hookah collection here for other hookah options. We’ve got a wide range of hookahs that will fit any budget and smoking experience. Whatever your goal is for your hookah, we’re sure to have the one that is right for you.


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