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Hookah FAQ: Everything You need to Know about Hookahs

Hookah FAQ: Everything You need to Know about Hookahs
Different flavors, lots of smoke, an exotic design that is out of this world. A hookah can easily transform recreational smoking into a fun, relaxing social event. If you got questions about a hookah, we’ve got the answers for you right here in this hookah FAQ.

What should I look for when buying a hookah?

Different brands like the Pharaoh, Zahrah, MYA, and OMNIS have different designs and specs that makes it hard to choose between them. Generally you should look for:

  • Single hose

  • Medium size

  • Washable hose (although you can change the one that comes with your hookah in the future if you can’t afford the upgrade).

  • Thick and stable base/vase

  • Clean and smooth welds

  • No plastic and screw-on parts

My hookah’s not smoking enough. What should I do?

Check all the connections of your hookah. It would be best if you do an air test first by placing a hand over the opening of the stem and drawing from the hose. There should be a bit of resistance and not too much air when you suck in. You can adjust the air valve, check the grommets and welds for holes. Make sure that you poke enough holes on the aluminum foil and you did not overpack your hookah bowl.

Why is my hookah smoke too harsh?

Your tobacco is burning because either your coal is too hot or your tobacco is touching the foil. Remove the wind cover to allow excess heat to dissipate. Remove a piece or two of the your coal pieces, or break a chunk out of it using a tongs and gloves.

The tobacco may also be touching the aluminum foil. Make sure that there’s clearance between the foil and the tobacco. The tobacco should smoke because of hot air, not scorched from direct heat from the aluminum.

Can I use multiple hoses on a hookah?

Yes, you can. Although it can be hygienic and convenient if you got friends over, it can change the smoking experience. There will be too much space for the smoke to go to, which can thin out the smoke and increase the drag. Also, the best experience from a hookah comes from passing the hose around.

The Sahara Dome Predator

How should I clean a hookah?

Cleaning a hookah can be done using warm water, lemon juice, and baking soda along with a hookah brush. Be careful with the hose as most hoses that come with a hookah are not washable. Only wash a hookah hose when the label says it’s washable. You can clean non-washable hoses by bending it in half and thumping it firmly but not vigorously against a sofa or cushion. Blow out the smoke and let it hang down straight.

How often should I clean it?

It’s advised that you clean your hookah when you’re done with it for the day. Don’t do it before your next smoking session the following afternoon or evening. The smell of yesterday’s stale smoke will linger and will ruin the taste of your new shisha. You can postpone cleaning a bit longer if you only use one flavor of tobacco, but that can also lead to buildup.

How should I pack my hookah for travel?

Invest in a good and reliable hard-case luggage. A flexible bag is the death of your stem, especially if it gets piled over with other heavy baggage. Wrap your hookah base/vase with newspaper and bubble wrap and place it in the center of your luggage for protection.

What size gives the best hookah smoking experience?

That would depend on how you use your Hookah. Generally, about a medium size should be enough, between 26-35 inches. But if you travel a lot, you can go for a smaller mini hookah for portability and discreet smoking.

How long will a bowl of shisha last?

That would depend on how hot your coal is, how much you packed in your bowl, the type of tobacco you put in, and how many you are sharing the hookah.

Can I mix different flavors in a single bowl?

Oh, yes, definitely. You can mix two or more types of tobacco blends to come up with your own unique flavor. Study the profile of the leaves you wish to mix as well as the qualities of your Hookah before you start mixing.

Hope these will answer all your questions about a Hookah. If you have other questions, please feel free to send us a message, or ask them in the comment section. We’ll update this page whenever you have questions we need to answer, so don’t be shy!

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