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How Much Does A Hookah Cost?

How Much Does A Hookah Cost?
Yesterday we published or 5 Tips for Buying A Hookah. Now that you know what you need to consider when getting one, we’ll talk about hookah prices to help you plan your budget.

Price per brand:

Different hookah brands come in a different range of prices depending on size, material, and accessories.

Shika Hookas

$50.99-$289.99 Texas Hookah, 5Star Hookah, Hookah-Shisha

These hookas are from Egypt and made with high-quality brass metal. The stem shows the intricate and unique hand-etched pattern painstakingly made for days. You won’t get a similar and exact pattern even with the same type of Shika hookah. Only the highest and purest materials are used and are guaranteed to last for years. Height ranges from 29in– 39in, and comes with an Oblivion phunnel bowl as well as a Shika Mammoth washable Egyptian hose.

Pharoah Hookahs

$69.99-$104.99 Big Daddy Smoke

Affordable and stylish, Pharoah Hookahs provide a variety of hookahs to choose from. You have your choice of modern and traditional designs; all made with durable and high-quality materials. You can go traditional, and pick the majestic Anubis, or get an oriental, contemporary vibe with the Drakon. Our Pharoah Hookahs, with the exception of the Drakon, stand 21in–31in tall. The perfect size for a comfortable, flavorful shisha session.

Buy Pharoah Hookahs here.

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

$75.99 – $237.49 Big Daddy Smoke

You can’t talk about the best hookas without mentioning Khalil Mamoon. It’s one of the best traditional Egyptian hookahs in the market. Nothing bad can be said about Khalil Mamoon. Once you get your Khalil Mamoon hookah, you’ll instantly see and feel the extraordinary dedication given in creating such a beautiful piece. All hookahs are handmade with excellent attention to detail. You get the sturdiest fusion-welded steel stems and one-of-a-kind hoses that provide smooth draw experience. Even the affordable Copper Beast delivers strong flavor and powerful consistent performance. If you want functionality and style at a mid-range price, The General is the hookah model for you.

Buy Khalil Mamoon hookahs here.

MYA Saray Hookahs

$28.50 – $128.25 Big Daddy Smoke

MYA hookahs are the best when it comes to small-sized hookahs, although we do have ones as tall as 32 inches. The company has been making exceptional hookahs for 40 years, and they know what makes the best hookah. MYA fuses both traditional and exotic hookah designs for eye-catching modern style hookahs with top-notch performance. We have a wide selection of MYA hookahs for you to choose from. If you’re always on the go or have a small living space, the MYA Mini Portable Coppa is the perfect fit for you. If you want to go slightly bigger and have more room for a smoke, you should check out the modern style Mini Bambino.

Buy MYA Saray hookahs here.

Sahara Hookahs

$79.99 – $208.95 Big Daddy Smoke

Sahara Hookahs has been making hookahs for 34 years. You have the choice of traditional authentic hookahs similar to what you will find in the streets of the Middle East. You can also get modern ones with bold colors and sleek designs for conversational pieces and crowdpleasers. If you want to be unique and special, go for or exotic hand-painted ones with expertly crafted hookah stems. You could start with the mysterious 15” Sahara Pandora that has a wide sturdy base for comfortable smoking. If you want to hit it big, the colossal 41” Sahara Vulcan is sure to challenge even expert hookah users.

Buy Sahara hookahs here.

Omnis Hookah

$12.34–$89.99 Big Daddy Smoke

If you want an affordable yet high-quality hookah, look no further than the Omnis Hookah. All the Omnis hookah line comes in various shapes and sizes and provides a robust and satisfying performance. The designs are not as intricate as the Khalil Mamoon or Sahara, but Omnis will still give an enjoyable session. You could start with MZ02, which is a step up from the basic hookah. If you prefer to keep it simple and without the frills, you should go for the J5.

Buy Omnis hookahs here.

MOB Hookahs

$37.99 – $122.55 Big Daddy Smoke

If you love guns, you’re going to love the MOB Hookah. We have a collection of AK-47 inspired designs that are made of the strongest and most durable materials. MOB hookas are designed to last long and to give you the smoothest and most satisfying hookah smoking experience. Go black and slick with the Black & Gold AK-47 MOB Hookah. If you prefer to travel a lot and desire a more contemporary and modern design, have the MOB Box Portable as your traveling companion.

Buy MOB Hookahs here.

How much does a hookah cost will depend on the quality, style, size, and design. You can get hookahs for as low as $50, but you won’t have many options when it comes to materials and design options. There are hookahs that go for $50-$100, and they are all pretty decent and provide satisfying sessions. If you want a gorgeous hookah that will last longer and has exceptional performance, you should prepare to invest as much as $100-$500. Personal, unique, and luxury brands go beyond $500 because of the use of precious metals as well as intricate engineering.

We have limited hookah offerings, but these have been carefully chosen with performance, material, and your budget in mind. Each has its own unique abilities and style that makes them the favorite of hookah owners. Click here now and see which hookah will be the best one for you.


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  • Please help. I’ve got a huge hookA but don’t know where I can sell it. Any pointers are much welcome

    I’ve got a huge hookA for sale. I don’t know where I can post it to sell.
  • I’ve got a new hookah that a friend left. I’m trying to sell it but don’t know what it’s worth. It’s 3’ & 1” tall. Has 6- 5’ hoses. It’s chrome and has the top cover also a beautiful blue glass see through ball in the middle. It’s gorgeous but I want to sell it. Can you help in any way? Thanks

  • I know a store called SHALOM GIFT on 15151 ventura Blvd Sherman oaks CA has really nice Hookas


    Mark Evans

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