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How to Get More Smoke in A Hookah

How to Get More Smoke in A Hookah
One of the common challenges with a Hookah is to get a big cloud of smoke. Here are some simple tips that can help you get more smoke from your Hookah.

Pack it properly

Loading a smoking device will always determine the amount of smoke produced. Whether you are hitting a bong, a dab pen, or a Hookah, loading pays a crucial role in how you get smoke out of your chosen arsenal.

Generally, the best way to pack a Hookah is to sprinkle your shisha in the bowl, concentrating on the edges as you go around it. You can use a fork to loosen the herbs, and don’t fill it up to the brim. However, if you’re using Tangiers brand of Hookah tobacco, you need to pack the bowl tight to get your desired outcome.

Regardless of whatever tobacco you use, don’t let it touch the foil to prevent burning. Make sure that you pay close attention to the holes as well. A blocked hole means poor smoke production

Aluminum foil

Portable and easy to use, you can change the bowl of your Zahrah Mini Hookah

Your aluminum foil acts both as a shield and a heat conductor. You should use high-density quality aluminum foil because it holds its form better and, of course, thicker. The shiny side should be facing down for better heat conduction. When using high-density aluminum foil, you only need one layer to cover the bowl. The thicker it is, the harder it will be for the heat to reach your shisha.

Position your coals

There are commonly two types of coals that you can use for your Hookah: The quick light and the natural coals. Quick light coals come in a circular disk almost the size of a hockey puck. Natural coals are small coals shaped into small squares.

Depending on your Hookah bowl, you could either use the whole quick light coal or break it apart and place the pieces on the foil. Be mindful of the holes you made on the foil, as well as the holes of your bowl when placing the coals.

For natural coals, they are commonly placed in two’s or three’s. You can position them across from each other, or in a triangular formation to better distribute the heat.

Move the coals

Not all coals burn in the same manner and speed. You have to move the coals around the surface of the foil every five minutes. This will even out heat delivery for more efficient burning of your tobacco.

Tighten all removable parts

Double check all removable parts to see if there are no gaps to prevent smoke from getting out of your Hookah. Secure all parts and check the grommets to ensure the seal. Replace them if necessary.

Get a Phunnel or Vortex style bowl

Bowls come in different shapes and sizes – and holes. A phunnel or a vortex style bowl comes in a spire-shaped design and has a big hole in the center. Unlike your standard bowls where the tiny holes are at the bottom, it’s nearly impossible to clog the hole of these bowls because of the raised edges.

The size of your Hookah

The Sahara Pandora Vice

The bigger your Hookah, the greater smoke it will be able to produce. If you cannot afford to buy a big Hookah, you can look for a wider base, stem, or hose. The wider they are, the bigger the capacity of smoke.

Regularly clean your hookah

Dirt in Hookah, especially in the hose, can affect the flavor as well as the size of the smoke of your Hookah. Regularly clean your hookah to ensure the best performance possible.

Proper water level

It’s good practice to add water to cover about 1-1.5 inches of the bottom of your downstem. Too much water creates a thinner smoke and weak flavor. Too little and it can be a challenge to draw in smoke because of the heat and harshness of flavor.

Huge clouds produced by a Hookah is satisfying to watch, especially if you can do some tricks with it. If you have other ways how to get more smoke in a Hookah, please feel free to share them at the comment section!

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