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How to Light Hookah Coals On Electric Stove

How to Light Hookah Coals On Electric Stove
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Lighting hookah coals using an electric stove is easy and provides stable and even lighting for your hookah. Here’s how to light hookah using an electric coil stove so you can fire them up evenly and safely.


For burning your coals, you will need:

  • An electric coil stove

  • Natural hookah coals

  • A pair of tongs

  • Tray for holding your coals after lighting

Lighting the coals on the electric stove

  1.  Plug your electric stove and turn it to the highest setting.

  2. Wait for the coils or element to glow completely red throughout. This will ensure even distribution of heat.

  3. Grab the coals using a pair of tongs and carefully place them on the element one by one.

  4. Keep the coals on the element for 2 minutes before turning.

  5. Rotate the coals every 2 minutes to evenly distribute the heat.

  6. Keep doing so until every surface glows red and there’s an almost even layer of thin ash around the coals.

  7. Place the coals on a tray to help transport your coal to your hookah

The entire process usually takes about 5-6 minutes. It takes a bit of time but ensures the evenest distribution of heat possible.

Things to consider:

  • Give the coil time to transfer its heat to the coal. Turning the coals frequently in short intervals will interrupt the heat transfer and prolong the process.

  • Make sure that the entire surface of the natural coal is glowing. Evenly-lit coal provides uniform heat to your hookah.

  • Do note that this process is for electric stoves with coils or elements. Do not use the same method with glass or ceramic stove as the heat of the coal can crack the stovetops

  • Don’t do anything while lighting the coals. The coal should be lit evenly for the best hookah experience. Also, accidents can happen during the process, so keep an eye on the coals and be careful with your hands.

Benefits of using an electric stove to light hookah coals

  • Provides high heat faster due to direct contact of the element to the coal.

  • The safest way to light because you won’t be holding the coal as it lights up.

  • The even heat provides an excellent flavor experience with your hookah.

  • You don’t have to deal with flying ash since heat delivery is through conduction.

Cons of using a stove to light hookah coals

  • Needs to be plugged to the wall for a power source

  • No auto-off feature. You have to turn the unit off and unplug it after use

  • Can be expensive as coal burners can cost $20-$50

Using an electric stove for your hookah coals is a convenient way to start your hookah session. It’s safe to use and does not cause any mess. There’s no need to use an aluminum foil since the bottom of the electric stove is easy to clean.

What do you like most about your hookah charcoal heater? How does it compare to lighting coal on an open flame? Please share your experience in our comment section!

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  • Hi,In my flat which I rent the tenants use in their room the burning of the natural coals with the electric oven,placed down on the wooden floor..Is dangerous this, isn’t it?!!

    Popi Stavrinidou

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