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How to Smoke Rings with a Hookah

How to Smoke Rings with a Hookah
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Smoking tricks are common when you are using a smoking device that gives you a lot of smoke like vapes and hookahs. One of the popular tricks is blowing smoke rings. Pros make it look easy, and it’s quite a show if you can do it way. Here’s how to smoke rings with a Hookah that you can practice with in every session.

Blowing smoke rings

  1. Take a deep drag from your hookah. Keep the smoke in your mouth and throat. Pushing it in your lung thins it down so you won’t be able to produce thick, distinct smoke rings.

  2. Open your jaw and make an “O” shape with your mouth.

  3. Nudge the smoke out by doing small, cough-like breaths from the throat. Don’t drag your breath or the smoke will come out in a stream.

  4. Repeat until all the smoke is gone from your mouth.

  5. Or: you can open your mouth and jaw to create a concave shape with your cheeks. Tap your chick with your finger to push the smoke out in small, circular streams.

Things to consider

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The best way to start smoking rings from a hookah is to think about the following:

Lip Shape

The first thing you need to consider is the shape of your lips. You should make purse your lips to a perfect “O” shape. The opening should be between the size of a whistle and yawn. Pretend that you’re a fish out of the water. That’s about the size and shape of your lips when you blow your smoke rings. This is going to feel silly, but the best way to get the shape and size right is in front of a mirror.

Try opening your jaw half-way and partly cover your teeth with your lips. Flatten your tongue on the floor of your mouth to keep the airway open. There should be no obstruction in your mouth that will interfere with the shape of your ring. Make your jaw as relaxed as possible so that you have more room to keep the smoke inside your mouth.

Blow form the throat

Blowing from the diaphragm can force too much smoke out of your mouth. Hold in the smoke and use your throat to push (not force) the smoke from your lips. It’s just like doing small coughs without too much power behind it. Do this in short burst, much like doing small but soundless ah or huh in sequence.

It can take some time, but you’ll get the hang of the blowing smoke rings with a hookah. If you have special tricks with your hookah, please share them with us at the comment section!

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