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Jack Daniels Hookah DIY

Jack Daniels Hookah DIY
Image source: YouTube

Making your Jack Daniels Hookah DIY is easy, and your best option if you while you’re waiting for your Hookah, or you broke the one that you have. Here’s what you need to make it.


  • Jack Daniels bottle

  • Rubber washers 12mm and 14mm for the air valve and hose

  • Purge valve

  • Aluminum foil (for the stem)

  • Rubber bottle cap (to hold the stem)

  • Aluminum can (for the bowl)

  • Transparent rubber tubing (to serve as your hose)

  • Glue gun with a glue stick

  • Drill and 12mm / 14 mm glass drill bit + 10mm drill bit

  • Cutter/scissors

  • Pair of worker gloves

How to make a Jack Daniels Hookah DIY

  1. Wear your loves. Get your bottle and prepare your drill and bit. Have some water ready to help cool down the glass and bit while drilling.

  2. Attach the 14mm glass drill bit (for the purge valve) and drill a hole at the middle of the shoulder (where the bottle curves). Do this step carefully. Use a clamp if you have one to prevent slipping. Drip water on the bit and glass to cool them down to keep the glass from breaking.

  3. Change to the 12mm glass drill bit. Drill a hole opposite the one you just made.

  4.  Insert rubber washers to the holes.

  5. To make the stem, get a long strip of aluminum foil (about 3 feet) and roll it around a rod. If you prefer a sturdy stem, get a long stainless steel pipe that is about 12 inches long and 10mm in diameter

  6. Drill a hole on the rubber cap using the 10mm drill bit, or use a cutter or scissors to create a hole to fit the stem. Do the same with the plastic stopper.

  7. Push the stem through. Do this carefully if you’re using the rolled aluminum foil. Leave about 1 inch of the stem on top of the cap. This will serve as your bowl holder. Seal any gaps with the glue gun.

  8. Insert the stem inside the bottle and screw the cap on. Check to see if the stem is at least an inch above the bottom of the bottle and adjust the cap accordingly.

  9. Cut the tin can in half. Create a hole at the bottom of the tin can using your drill or scissors. Be careful not to cut yourself.

  10. Place the tin can on top of the stem. Use the glue gun to seal any air holes.

  11. Attach the purge valve and the PVC rubber tubing to the rubber stoppers. Be careful not to let the tubing reach too far inside the bottle.

How to use your DIY Jack Daniels Hookah

  1. Remove the cap and stem. Fill the bottle slightly above halfway with water.

  2. Insert the stem and seal the cap.

  3. Place your shisha inside the bowl, being careful not to get some inside the stem.

  4. Cover the tin can with thick aluminum foil and poke holes on top.

  5. Light your coals and wait for them the entire surface to heat up before placing them on top of the aluminum foil.

  6. Take a drag from the hose and enjoy.

Things to consider

Because of the nature of the materials used, it’s best to dispose of the aluminum and plastic parts after use. If you have a spare hose and bowl from your broken Hookah, use them instead.

You can also use an earthen candle holder for your bowl. Drill holes in the center to mimic those of an Egyptian or Syrian bowl.

A Jack Daniels Hookah can be a handsome addition to your hookah collection. Will you try making one? How do you intend to make yours? Please share your Jack Daniels Hookah DIY pictures in the comment section!


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