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Top 5 Cheap Hookahs to Buy in 2019

Top 5 Cheap Hookahs to Buy in 2019
Most people think that getting a hookah means emptying their pockets or saving for months on end just to get a hookah. Cheap hookas are not like what they used to. There are some glass hookahs that you can get that are almost as durable and beautiful to use as other expensive hookahs. Here’s our list of the best cheap hookahs that you can buy for your collection

GSTAR Delux Series

The GSTAR Delux series is one of the affordable Egyptian-style hookahs in the market. The series has modern hookas that have an Egyptian feel to it as a way of molding two cultures and generations of hookah smokers together.

The hookah

The GSTAR Hookah Delux stands 18 inches in height and can be heavier compared to other hookas. However, considering its size, the weight is adequate. The big vase provides stability and can carry a significant amount of water and smoke volume for a satisfying hit. The stem is chrome-plated stainless steel for visual appeal and durability.

You get two standard hoses that are 25”-30” long. They are detachable to help you have a smoking session if you happen to smoke alone. The GSTAR Hookah comes with wooden tips which you can interchange with another one if you’re sharing with a group.


This is one of the popular hookahs chosen by beginners because it’s easy to use and assemble. Experienced ones also have it in their collection because it provides tasty and flavorful smoke. You have a traveling case included, which makes it easy for you to store. It will also help you take the hookah out with you on a trip to keep it secure.

There’s no question about the body and build of the hookah. For its low price, the hookah GSTAR Delux is a good deal. However, the ceramic bowl included is fragile. You may want to order a different bowl for longer and enjoyable shisha session. The plastic hose that comes with it is also flimsy. Unfortunately, you should replace it GSTAR hoses can be used with the hookah as standard hoses may not be compatible.

The clouds you get from this hookah is dense. Just a couple of coals at the top of your bowl and you’re good to go. You can easily do smoke tricks with this cheap glass hookah.


  • Ideal for beginners

  • Great for parties

  • Easy to clean with a brush

  • Portable, thanks to the included carrying case.


  • Quality is not as sturdy as other cheap hookahs

  • Small bowl

mya econo cheap hookahsMya Econo Mini Sky Blue

MYA Saray is one of the known brands that provide affordable yet high-quality hookahs in the market. Among its cheap hookahs is the MYA Econo Mini Skyblue Hookah.

The Hookah

This beautiful and elegant cheap glass hookah has a beautiful decorative sky blue vase. It’s a midsized hookah that is perfect for those who want a natural smoking experience without getting too overwhelmed with the amount of smoke. At 13 inches, you won’t get short of flavorful smoke from your hookah.

The hookah is lightweight and easy to carry at 3 pounds. The base is 4 inches in diameter so it won't’ occupy that much space on your table or cabinet. You get a 6-feet long leather hose that makes smoking convenient, especially when passing it around.


Aside from being the right size, The MYA Mini Hookah Econo is excellent for beginners because of its good airflow. There’s very little pull resistance, and creating clouds of smoke with it is very easy. The transparent vase allows you to see the water level, which is very important for a good hookah experience. You’ll also get a wonderful show of thick clouds forming within the base. No more second-guessing when you need to reload the bowl.

Although this comes with a single hose, you can easily convert the MYA Mini Hookah Econo to a double by taking out the purge valve. Attach the MYA hose adaptor, and you’re good to go for sharing with a friend.

The ceramic bowl that comes with it is quite small, but it’s odorless and provides you a clean flavor of your favorite shisha. The small size is good for a short and quick hookah session if you’re on the rush or want an easy experience. However, if you're going to have a serious session, you can easily change the bowl with a bigger, medium-sized bowl.


  • Amazing hookah quality for its prize

  • Dense clouds

  • Good for beginners

  • Easy set-up

  • Adaptable to a 2-hose option


  • Hose is not washable

  • Small bowl, therefore limited session.

khalil mamoon cheap hookahKhalil Mamoon Safari 22″ Hookah Set Egyptian Hand made

We all know that Khalil Mamoon is known all over the world for their exceptional hookah brands. They are one of the few companies that maintain the age-old tradition of making hand-crafted Egyptian hookahs.

The hookah

Khalil Mamoon created the Safari Hookah is an affordable yet expertly crafted hookah for those who are looking for affordability and quality. This 22-inch tall hookah looks like an Oscar Award trophy with its frosted glass base. It comes with a 72-inch KM Pro hose. The stem is made of middle-grade stainless steel so you can use this beautiful hookah for years of smoking enjoyment. If you see the authentic KM stamp on the tray, you know you’ll get a great smoking experience with smooth airflow and dense clouds.

One thing you should note about KM hookahs is that all parts of the hookahs are handmade by passionate and expert hookah makers. You’ll see some inconsistencies from the pictures including the hnad-painted designs and colors. This means if you ordered a Safari a week or two ago and ordered another one, chances are you’ll get one that has some differences with your first.


The Khalil Mamoon Safari is a beautiful trophy piece, and the craftsmanship will take your breath away. Experienced hookah smokers will admire the make and model, and will enjoy having long sessions with this cheap hookah. What’s good is that it comes with a big bowl that has a functional capacity for long, satisfying sessions.

Smoking the Safari is also satisfying, even if it’s a cheap hookah compared to other KM brands. The pull is great and easy, thanks to the full stem and hose. The stem is long so you’re going to need a lot of room to clean it. However, you can smoothly run an elongated brush through it to get all the molasses and buildup out of it. It’s also easy to change the bowl if you’re not satisfied with the clouds you’re getting.


  • Wonderful KM quality at an affordable price

  • Outstanding smoking experience

  • Handmade by experienced Egyptian hookah craftsmen, maintaining decades of hookah-making tradition.


  • If you’re looking for a perfectly-made hookah with no welding points, this is not the hookah for you.

Habibi Black Hookah

Habibi means “my dear,” ”my love,” or “my darling,” in Arabic. When you get the Habibi Black Hookah, you’ll instantly fall in love with its beautiful and elegant design.

The hookah

The Habibi Black Hookah stands 24 inches tall. It comes with a thick, black vase rimmed with elegant silver stripes. The stem and tray are plated in chromium black, giving it a lethally attractive dark appearance. Even the bowl and hose comes in a black color that will draw you in for a smoke or two.

The hookah is simple in design and straightforward. The glass vase is quite thick and steady, something that you won’t expect from an affordable hookah this size. However, regardless of its size, it’s one of the light-weight hookahs compared to other hookah brands. It’s just over 2kg or barely 5lbs, which makes it easy to carry around with you around the house or during your travel.


As one of the best cheap hookahs, the Habibi Black Hookah is an absolute darling for beginners. No worries about assembly, and it’s easy to take apart for cleaning. Washing can be a chore because of the massive size, but the wide diameter and lightweight make up for it.

The smoking experience is considerably poorer compared to the other hookahs mentioned. It may be an ideal hookah for those who want to try out smoking, but experts will be left wanting with inferior smoke.


  • Satisfactory smoking delivery for its price

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to transport

  • Wide tray for a no-mess session


  • The blackness of the color makes it hard to see the water level, and when cleaning is necessary.

  • Don’t expect quality material compared to other affordable hookahs

  • Limited smoking sesh because of

Pharaoh’s Nysa

The Pharaoh’s is another hookah company that aims to provide traditional handcrafted Egyptian-style hookahs. They also carry modern hookahs of different shapes and sizes for a different smoking experience for trendy smokers.

The hookah

One of the cheap glass hookahs you can get is the Nysa. It stands 22 inches tall and a 4.2kg weight, this baby is sturdy and won’t easily topple over.

Unlike other cheap hookahs, you get a clay bowl instead of ceramic. It’s odorless and keeps in heat better for melting molasses. The thick handcrafted glass vase comes in varying colors and has a beautiful mosaic pattern around the middle and at the neck. You get a wide purge port, which makes smoking easy, especially with a 72-inch long hose. Paired with a downward diffuser stem, you’ll get a different level of smoking experience due to diffusion and filtration.

Unlike other hookahs, the Nysa come sm with a silk hose that’s completely washable. No worries about getting the taste of stale smoke when you use your Nysa.


The unglazed bowl is something different compared to others that you get with a hookah. This comes as an advantage for those who prefer a specific shisha blend and want a deeper depth and fullness of flavor. Because it absorbs the taste of your shisha, you may need to change the bowl if you want to smoke other blends. Amazingly enough, this hookah is light for its height.


  • Long hose

  • Hose is completely washable

  • Unglazed clay bowl gives a different layer of flavor to your session

  • Wonderful quality for an affordable price.

  • Suitable for both beginners and expert smokers.


  • The small tray makes it hard to catch all debris from the coal.

There’s no need to sacrifice style, performance, and durability just to get a hookah. To get the best deals when you’re looking at cheap hookahs for sale in any hookah store online, make sure to read the full details. Not only will it help you get to know your hookah better, but it will also help you set your expectations on how your hookah will look, feel, and function when you get it.

Once you’ve got the feel of the cheap hookah and decided to use it regularly, it’s best to start thinking on investing on a hookah. Look for ones that have thick glass vases, high-quality stems, and durable hoses. Don’t forget to check out our Hookahs for sale here in Big Daddy Smoke so you can choose between cheap hookas as well as durable, branded ones.

Do you think that there’s no comparison between a cheap hookah and an expensive one? Please share your thoughts in our comment section!


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