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What are Quick Light Coals For Hookah

What are Quick Light Coals For Hookah
A quick light coal is one of the types of coals that you can use for your hookah. Some hookah users prefer quick-lights because they only take up to 30 seconds to ignite using your standard lighter. They are usually made up of ground natural coals and added with accelerants to make lighting them easy. Here are some of their features that will help you know more about quick-lights and how they affect your hookah session.


Quick light coals are circular in shape and are available in 22m disc or 32 mm disc. Although if you look carefuly, there are some brands that offer 40mm discs. You can use small discs in multiples on top of your hookah bowl, or you could break the disc apart for bigger ones. Quick-lights are easy to break because they are not solid to begin with.


Users of quick light coals will tell you that they give off a distinct odor that some would find noxious because of the accelerants added. You can detect the smell in the first 10 minutes of burning before dying down to almost barely noticeable.


Using Quick-lights can alter the flavor of the shisha smoke, but some brands like Pharaohs Elite, Golden, Starlight, and Sultan have lesser tastes compared to others. You have to completely ash the surface to remove as much trace of the accelerant as possible to control the taste.

table pros and cons of quick light coals


Using quick-lights can be a bit messy. Because They are from ground natural charcoal, the ash tends to be a bit finer and crumbly. There are times when the ash will hold its shape. However, the ash can fall apart and get inside holes, contaminating the shisha inside the hookah bowl. You don’t need to ash it now and then, though. Just don’t let the ash get too thick or you will cause it to break apart when you lift the quick-light off of your hookah bowl.


Even though quick-light coals burn faster, they don’t give off as much heat as natural coals do. It may be because they are less dense and therefore don’t have that much substance to deliver heat.

Duration of use

Depending on the size, quick-light coals can last between 20-45 minutes, but the average falls between 30-45 minutes. If you want to extend your session, you need to add another coal. The good thing is, you place a lump of new coal on top of the old one before it dies out to extend your session.

Quick light coals are convenient to use if you’re traveling or don’t have much time in between breaks to enjoy your hookah. It’s easy to use and don’t require much equipment and ceremony to light up. Choose your quick light coal brands carefully so that you get the best experience possible with your hookah.

Have you tried quick light coals? What do you like about them? Please share your story with us in the comment section!

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