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Why Smoke a Hookah

Why Smoke a Hookah
The Hookah culture started in the Middle East, and one of the oldest smoking traditions. It started from a simple coconut in India (or from Persia to India), and its travel to Turkey gave way to its elegant design that we see today.

America and Canada got its taste of the Hookah around the 1960s and 1970s. It has since then gained popularity, and you can see hookah bars near universities and in big cities. However, this is more than just a fad. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider smoking from a Hookah.

Lots of smoke

The Hookah gives you twice the relaxation and recreational effects of smoking compared to hitting a cigarette or tobacco pipe. The size of the smoke is influenced by the design of the Hookah. The bigger the size of the Hookah, the bigger the size of smoke that you can get. One puff is enough to produce a cloud of smoke that you can play with. Some make a serious hobby out of creating smoke patterns from the smoke.

Variety of flavors

Mya Sky Blue econo Hookah with hose

What’s great about a Hookah is that you can have a mix of flavors that you can mix and personalize. Unlike cigarettes, herbs for Hookah have more than just your regular tobacco essence. You can have apple, strawberry, margarita, mocha latte, caramel apple among others, giving you smoke that is rich and creamy. You can go for mild tastes or bold flavors depending on what you are after with your smoking session.

It’s relaxing

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a Hookah is a great way to unwind. Because of the versatility of the herbs you can use with a Hookah, you can create your own blend that will help you relax and ease the stress of the day. Others find the calming effect useful for studying and brainstorming.

The social experience

You can use your hookah for solo sessions, but sharing a hookah with friends is an entirely different smoking experience. You often see hookahs placed on a table in hookah lounges with friends taking turns in drawing in from their own hose while sharing stories and events of the day. It helps make the flow of conversation light and enjoyable.

Hookah is a smoking tradition enjoyed by people of varying age groups. People from different places all over the globe have made their own Hookah smoking culture. It’s a great way to enjoy friends and company, and establish new friendships along the way.

We have a variety of Hookahs that you can try. We recommend starting with a MYA Mini Econo. It’s reasonably priced for a starter Hookah, yet it’s made with durable material that can last long. It’s not too big that it will produce a too large a cloud of smoke that you won’t be able to handle, but its guaranteed to give you that right amount of Hookah experience that will get you hooked.

Why do you use a hookah? Please share your best experiences and memories in the comment section!

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