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Different Ways To Enjoy Your Dabs

Nectar Collectors
Different Ways To Enjoy Your Dabs
There are about seven popular types of concentrates, which means you have different ways to enjoy your dabs. For those who are new in the world of dabbing, here are different ways that can help you taste and feel your dabs in a variety of levels.

A dab rig

Dab rig

A dab rig is a great tool to enjoy your concentrates or dabs in your home. It works just like a bong that has a nail (or banger) instead of a bowl. To use the dab rig, you have to torch the surface of the nail to a specific temperature. Your dab instantly vaporizes the moment it touches the nail, and the vapor will travel from the glass slide to the mouthpiece. There’s also an e-Rig wherein you use an electrical box to heat the coils around a nail for dabbing. Unlike using a torch, e-Rigs eliminate the guesswork in thermal control.

What’s the difference between a dab rig and a bong? Take a look at the stem or joint. A bong’s joint stem is angled at 45°, while a dab rig’s joint stem has a 90° angle. Typically, a dab rig comes with a male joint that you can attach a vapor dome or glass nail for dabbing. If you’re buying a dab rig for the first time, consider:

  • A domed nail – less maintenance and heating time compared to domeless nails.

  • The nail material – nails can influence your dabbing experience. Titanium, ceramic, and quartz nails all offer different heating times, temperature control, as well as flavor delivery.

  • Regular or recycler? - a regular dab rig has a single water chamber, while a recycler has several tubes and an additional water reservoir for an almost endless percolation.

Nectar Collector

Think of dabbing like sucking from a straw. A nectar collector is a vertical vaporizer in which you vaporize your concentrate by dipping the tip of the nail in your wax container. To use the nectar collector, you sweep the torch at the tip of the nail. Once the tip glows red, let it cool down for several seconds. Then you sip from the mouthpiece as you tap the nail repeatedly against the concentrate. It’s an economical way of dabbing because you can dab directly from your storage container and consume every last dab.

A nectar collector can come as a single tube similar to a pipet, which was probably where the inventors got the concept from. Or, it can come in a complex and attractive design like something from outer space. You have your nail and a neck/mouthpiece. Some models have a leak-proof water chamber for percolation.

However, unlike dab rigs, you can use a nectar collector only for waxes and oils. It can be difficult to use it on budder, shatter, and dust. Before you buy a nectar collector, you should check:

  • The material – nectar collectors come in glass or silicone. Glass is good for flavor, while silicone is great for traveling.

  • The nail – just like in a dab rig, a nectar collector tip can be made out of quartz or titanium.

  • Joint – the joint connection is important for nectar collectors, especially if you have a water chamber. Make sure that the joint is snug or you have clamps or joint wax to keep the connection sealed tight.

A dab pen like the Yocan Evolve Plus

Dab pen

If you’re a traveler, or one of those who need to get medicated several times a day, your main concern should be about portability and subtlety. A dab pen allows you to vaporize tiny amounts of concentrates. Which, of course, is cool for those who are always on the go, or only want an occasional dab or two every now and then. A dab pen usually comes with an atomizer and a battery. Depending on the battery capacity, your dab pen can have 3-5 pre-set temperature settings ranging from 285°F-600°F. If you want to buy a dab pen, you have to consider:

  • The atomizer/coil – a dab pen can be either coiled or coilless. Coiled atomizers have 1-4 rods wrapped in titanium. Coiless atomizers don’t have coils in them, which makes them perfect for thick or highly viscous concentrates.

  • Battery capacity – the longer your battery runs, you have longer periods to enjoy your dabs.

  • Temperature option – some dab pens like the Yocan Revolve only has a single temperature option which makes it perfect for beginners. In contrast, the Thisthingrips OG Four 2.0 has 3 temperature options that can give an expert dabber several options in enjoying concentrates.


The healthstone is another innovative way of enjoying your concentrates. It’s actually a small disc made of ceramic that you place on top of the bowl of your bong or pipe. The vapor stone is inert so it won’t change or affect the way your dabs taste. Unlike dab rigs and nectar collectors, you may need to use a specialized torch since you’re heating a small and highly porous material. To use the healthstone, simply insert the disc inside a clean bowl or pipe. Place your concentrate on the surface and lightly torch it. The concentrate will vaporize into the stone and down through the bowl, pipe, or even nail. When buying or using a health stone, you should consider:

  • Your torch – big torches that you use for dab rigs and nectar collectors are a no-no. You have to use a smaller torch that has a triple flame for safe and effective vaporization.

  • Longevity – healthstones are porous and needs to be cleaned regularly for efficient vaporization. Depending on how you use your healthstone, you need to replace it every 6-8 mos.

You have different ways to enjoy your dabs through different dabbing elements. Each of them has their own way of making dabbing fun, enjoyable, relaxing, but most of all, practical. Check out our collection of dab rigs, dab pens, and nectar collectors that can help you appreciate your dabs for medical and recreational purposes!

Which one of these methods is your favorite for enjoying your dabs? Please share your experience in our comment section below!


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