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History of the Nectar Collector

Nectar Collectors
History of the Nectar Collector
The nectar collector has changed the way smokers enjoy dabbing. Let’s take a look at how this nifty dabbing device was made.

The conception

The creators initially made the first ever nectar collector using glass pipettes from a local chemistry shop. The design was rugged but achieved its goal: to simplify the concept of dabbing. In 2011, Jefe Zobell visited Kristian Merwin and brought up the idea of a vaporizer for vertical dabs in a spill-proof design. Kristian immediately jumped to the plan and spent months perfecting the design.

One day Kristian sat down and was drawing up his idea. The concept was to make a vaporizer with a water-cooling chamber. After almost an hour of drawing, Kristian immediately went to his shop and started to create the first ever spill-proof nectar collector.

The concept

Kristian’s concept was that you dab the nectar collector directly to your concentrate. Unlike dab rigs where you put an entire dab on the nail or banger, the nectar collector vaporizes the oil it comes in contact with. This way you get to control your dabs, and you don’t waste any products.


From a simple dab straw, Kristian improved the design to a 3-piece dabbing tool. The body houses a percolator which helps provide you with smooth and cool dabs. You can get a standard kit, or buy different parts and design your own style of nectar collector.

Electric nectar collectors are now available. It simplifies the way you dab by eliminating the torch. It’s handy and can be taken anywhere. You can still take vertical dabs, and you have more control over your sesh.

Our nectar collectors

We have have different types for nectar collectors. They are affordable, easy to use, yet durable. Our glass nectar collectors are made up of borosilicate glass and come with quartz or titanium tips. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to use and control. All you have to do is:

  1. Prepare your dabs and your torch.

  2. Hold your nectar collector horizontally and torch the end until it glows.

  3. Let it cool down for a few seconds to get the dabbing temperature that you prefer.

  4. Dip it on to your concentrate and sip through the mouthpiece.

About the creator:

Kristian Merwin, the creator of the Nectar Collector, is an expert high-end pipe maker. He spent more than 18 years blowing glass. He attended a glass blowing class and was hooked ever since.

Have you tried one of our nectar collectors? How did you get started dabbing with a nectar collector and how did you “upgrade” your gear? Please let us know at the comment section below!


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