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Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Nectar Collector

Nectar Collectors
Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Nectar Collector
Nectar collectors have changed the way dabbers enjoy their concentrates. Also called honey straw, a nectar collector vaporizes concentrates and delivers it straight up to the mouthpiece. It’s a great way to dab if you’re looking for a quick fix, or if you’re on the go. Here are the reasons why you should switch to a nectar collector for your next smoking session.

Controlled rips

The best way to enjoy your dabs with a nectar collector is the “dip and sip” method. You touch the tip against your concentrate bit by bit until you get the hit that you want. This also prevents the concentrate from vaporizing too much. You will take in as much dab as you can take. This is perfect for those who are dabbing for the first time. No overwhelming dabs that make you swear off dabbing for life.

No seasoning required

No ceremonies when it comes to using nectar collectors. Regardless of whether it comes with a titanium tip or a quartz tip, you can use your nectar collector immediately. Just heat it to the required temperature, and you can start dabbing right away. No one need to worry about unprepped heated metal affecting the taste of your concentrates.

Easier to use and clean

A nectar collector works with a small surface area. You only need to heat the tip for a few seconds before it gets red hot. If you prefer low-temperature dabs, a 10-second cool-down is all you need to get it to the right vaping temperature. Once you’re done dabbing, use your favorite cleaner and pour it inside the nectar collector for deep cleaning. Some decals may peel off with some cleaners, so use with caution. You can also use the standard salt and alcohol method.

Save on concentrates

Concentrates can be pretty expensive. When you use your nectar collector, you can dab straight from the container. No wasted vapor and concentrates. The needle is slim enough and hot enough to vaporize every bit of wax inside your container. No wastage either should you choose to put your concentrate on a flat surface. You’ll be able to get every last bit of concentrate in your session.

Portable and discreet

Nectar collectors, even the biggest ones, are highly portable. You can take them anywhere and have a quick session with friends. Some nectar collectors are also small and inconspicuous, allowing you to make discreet dabs whenever you want.

Cool design

Nectar collectors come in different shapes and designs. Some are simple and ergonomic, while others look like contraptions from an alien space ship. You can have one make out of durable borosilicate glass, or food-grade silicone. Some designs also allow you to fuse your nectar collector with a vaporizer. This lets you experience dabs without having to use torches.

The nectar collector allows you to taste the full flavor of your concentrates and gives you cool, smooth hits. We have a collection of nectar collectors fit for beginners and avid dabbers alike.

Tried dabbing with one of our nectar collectors? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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