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4-Foot Mega Bong

4-Foot Mega Bong

Some bongs are unusual, to say the least. A 4-foot bong is one of those oddities. It isn’t every day that you see one these beast, and your buddies may not even own anything half the size of this massive piece of galss tubing. That is probably one of the reasons to own one of these behemoths.

That 4-foot measurement includes the whole kit, from the bottom of the bowl to the tip of the pipe. Obviously, hitting one of these isn’t a one-man job. It takes the help of a buddy to light it up and pull the plug before you can take a hit. The same can be said for bong measuring from three to even six feet. Needless to say, you will be the life of the party when you have one of these 4-foot bongs.

Kinds of 4-foot bongs

These gigantic bongs come mostly in acrylic. Yes, it is also available in glass. That being said, glass ones are far more expensive than those made from acrylic. Hence, acrylic would be a much more budget-friendly alternative for those who want to buy a bong of this size. There are wooden and ceramic bongs of this size but are very rare and hard to find.

Where to buy

4-foot bongs are rarely sold off the shelf. These are custom-made and priced accordingly. Hence, these 4 foot bongs don’t come cheap. A quick search will show that there are a few online shops out there that do sell bongs of this size. Also, there are bong manufacturers who take orders to make one to suit the buyer’s taste.

Like a 6-foot bong, people buy one of the oversized bongs as a novelty. It would make an excellent addition to one’s bong collection.

How do you hit one of these?

How do you take a hit from one of these? By taking a very deep breath. It takes more effort to get a good puff from a 4-foot bong when you aren’t used to it. Chances are, anyone who has a 4-foot bong won’t be using it on a regular basis, so that it will be more of a novelty piece. Something you can show off to buddies and use once in a while.


Cleaning up

Now, owning one of these big bore bongs naturally requires cleaning. Just like any other bong, this will get dirty and gunky after some use. If you thought cleaning a regular-sized bong was a chore, a 4-foot bong is something else. It can feel like cleaning up industrial plumbing. It won’t be so tough if you ask a buddy for some help. Just like taking a hit from a 4-foot bong, it takes more than one person to make it all neat and shiny.


How do you store a 4-foot bong? In a place where it is well supported and out of harm’s way. Like most bongs of this length, it is best kept well-propped up in a corner. This way, it will be well supported on both sides and less likely to tip over.

Owning a four-foot mega bong may not be for everyone, but it will be a blast to have one in your collection.


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