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Broken Bong Stem? Make One in an Instant

Broken Bong Stem? Make One in an Instant

Let’s say that, for some reason, your bong stem broke. So, what do you do? You scour the web for an online shop that sells bong stems. Problem solved. Well, not really. It will take a week or so for your new bong stem to arrive.

Now, you can either wait for a week or so to take a hit or make your bong stem. It isn’t that hard, really. If making a jam jar bong is easy as pie, making a bong stem is even easier. How so?

First off, you don’t have to buy anything since you can use any suitable material lying around the house. If it’s a tube that has the same diameter as your bong stem and neatly fits on your bong, it’s perfect.

Ballpoint pens, smoothie straws, felt tip pens, whiteboard markers, and the like would do just fine. If it fits perfectly, then you are golden.

So, these things are ready to use, right? For smoothie straws, yes. It takes about 30 seconds or less for pens and markers before these are ready for use. Simply remove the parts of the ballpoint pens and white boar marker and leave only the tube. You can clean out the inky parts with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, and you are good to go. See? You can do all of that in an instant.

One more thing. Make sure your DIY bong stem is long enough to reach below the water level of your bong. It will be no good if the stem doesn’t go half of the water level of the bowl. Why? Because you can huff and puff till you turn blue in the face, but you won’t get a good hit. With a short stem, All you will get is nothing but air.

Now, what about the diffuser? You want bubbly water in your bong to get more of the smoke for a nice hit, right? Well, here’s what you do. Get a drill with a fine point bit and punch a few holes around the pen or straw. Even a hot nail will do the job. Again, this won’t take a lot of time. You can punch four holes around the pen or as many as you like (as long as you only make holes below the waterline of the bong stem.

Now, keep in mind that these DIY bong stems are a temporary fix. There is no substitute for a factory-made glass or acrylic bong stem. You will need to replace your homemade bond stem after two or three hits since it will get all gunky and dirty inside. All this gunk and dirt will block the passage of air when you take a hit. You may wash it if you like, but there are other issues.

What issues will you encounter with a DIY bong stem? For one, the plastic used in the stem is seldom heat resistant. The water in your bowl won’t be scalding hot., but it has enough heat to trigger a chemical reaction with the plastic in the stem. Most plastics may contain potentially toxic chemicals. When heated, you will inhale these toxins. That is why you should use a DIY bong stem only as a temporary fix and not for regular use.

Still, an impromptu bong stem is just the thing when you need one ASAP. If you do need to replace not just your bong stem but the whole kit, look here for a set of really great bongs.


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