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DIY Mason or Jam Jar Bongs

DIY Mason or Jam Jar Bongs

If you are a DIY type of person who prides himself or herself in making stuff, you have come to the right place. Why buy a bong if you can make one for yourself? Also, if, for some reason, bongs cannot be legally shipped to your location, then this post is especially for you.

Now, keep this in mind. There’s nothing complicated here. It’s all pretty simple and straightforward. It’s like one of those hastily made science projects you made in grade school. What you are making here is a barebones and stripped-down bong. 

Here is a breakdown of the stuff you need, as well as a short description of each. Notice that there is no mention of each specific part required, such as 3/8“ brass nut or 7/16” vinyl tubing. Why? Because you need to use the stuff you already have at home. You won’t need to go to the hardware section of the supermarket to buy any of these materials.

A jar with a lid

The most commonly used are jam jars or mason jars. What do these two have in common? Both are made of glass and have wide mouths with screw top lids. Also, these are bigger than your average size bottles.

mason jar

If you don’t have a mason or jam jar, look around your crib. A glass jar of mayo or any other big jar with a screw cap lid will do. Or, even a jelly jam bottle will do. It will do as long as there isn’t any jam jelly inside.

Plastic tubing

Make sure this tubing is thick enough for you to take a hit. How big should the diameter of the hole in the plastic tube be? Think of those jumbo straws used in one of your favorite fruit shakes. Or, maybe as big as a garden hose.

A brass wrench socket

This is where the green stuff goes. You need a brass wrench socket with a “bowl” big enough to contain the good stuff. In the absence of a brass wrench socket, look around for something funnel-shaped and made of metal. The tube of that funnel should be long enough to reach the midway of the bottle.

The Tools and other Stuff

1. A silicone gun for sealing
2. Electrical tape
3. A pocket knife
4. A screen
5. A drill
6. A pencil

Now, let’s begin

This is pretty simple, so here it goes.

1. Using the end of your plastic tubing, Trace a circle on top of the screw cap lid. Punch a hole for the tubing to fit in. Put the plastic tubing through the hole, making sure the tip goes halfway through the jar. Seal the gaps at the side of the hole with silicone using the silicone gun.

2. Repeat step one, but for the brass wrench socket ( or whatever suitable substitute material you have picked.)

3. Drill a small hole on the screw cap lid for your carb.

4. Put some water in the jar, screw on the lid, and there you go.

Now, you have a barebones impromptu bong. You can always buy a bong online, but it does feel great to make something, doesn’t it? Well, if you find out that you aren’t the DIY type, you can search for various pipes here.


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