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How to Clean an Acrylic Bong

How to Clean an Acrylic Bong

Keeping your bong clean will not only make it look neat but useablee aw well.  A used and dirty bong looks really terrible, doesn’t it? More importantly, cleaning will also remove all that leftover gunk inside. All that sticky leftover resin will spoil the taste of your next hits. Besides, who wants to take hits on a gross-looking bong?

Now, cleaning glass bongs is easy as pie. It’s a bit of a chore, but washing it up is no different from doing the dishes. Acrylic bongs are a bit tougher to work on. It requires a little more effort. Why? Stains have a nasty affiny to plastics.

So, here’s how to clean your acrylic bong.

First, toss out all the nasty water inside

Go to your backyard and toss all that murky used water out. Don’t worry about polluting the environment – it isn’t a barrel full of toxic waste you are disposing . Besides, weed is organic, so that waste by-product is biodegradable anyway.

Find a sink which you won’t mind getting all dirty

Your work area for cleaning is important, so don’t use that pristine clean sink in your kitchen. Washing a filthy bong is much messier than washing spoons, forks, and plates. Also, if it’s a backyard sink, there you can dispose of the dirty water inside the bong.

Use hot water

Hot water is the best when it comes to cleaning bongs. It helps melt away all that sticky resin residue coating the walls and the bowl of the bong. Soak all the other parts of the bong in warm water too.

a really dirty bong

Use salt

Natural sea salt or uncrushed Himalayan salt will get the job done. Get a handful, stuff it in the bong and shake. After a few good shakes, you can mix it with warm water to remove all that dirt inside the bong.

Use vinegar and baking soda combo

Now, do this for really tough and hard-to-remove stains. Mix a cup full of white vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda. This formula works like magic.

The most important part!

Whatever method you use, be it salt or baking soda, rinse the tube and bowl with a jet of warm water. If you have a water hose, this will do the job nicely. Be sure to prop up the tube and the bowl when rinsing it.
When all else fails…

Liquid dishwashing soap and a bottle cleaner

Now, why isn’t this on the top of the list? Here’s the reason; regardless of the brand name, almost all dishwashing liquids are scented. Well, if you haven’t rinsed it the bong properly after washing it, a thin film of dishwashing liquid will remain, along with the smell of it. Even if you rinse it thoroughly, the scent of the dishwashing liquid still remains. No one want’s to take a hit on a bong that smells like a fragrant freshly washed plate.

Use alcohol – with caution

Alcohol is okay with a glass or ceramic bong, but not so with an acrylic bong. Using alcohol can cause micro fracture cracks, which will ruin your bong. If you must use alcohol, use diluted 70% isopropyl alcohol. One cup of water mixed with one cup of alcohol ought to do the trick.

Last but not least, don’t use acetone. This is much worse than alcohol.
Keeping your acrylic bong nice and clean isn’t that much of a chore if you do it right. Simply follow the tips given above and you will do just fine.


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