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Is Smoking Out of a Water Bottle Bong Bad?

Is Smoking Out of a Water Bottle Bong Bad?

Homemade bongs are common, as there are many online sites that provide detailed instructions on how to make one. These DYI bongs offer an inexpensive alternative to commercially available bongs and can be made from readily available materials lying around the house. Hence, the most common DYI bong would be the water bottle bong.

Now comes the question; is smoking out of a water bottle bong bad?
The answer is: it depends.

Unlike bongs sold off the shelf, homemade bongs have not undergone strict quality control testing. These are simply cobbled up from scratch with things available and suitable. Then, these make-shift parts are assembled to make something useable for the purpose of taking hits.

Now, Those bits and pieces slapped together to make a bong may not be up to the tasks.


For example, the water bottle used may not be thick enough. If the water bottle is made from plastic, it can be harmful when heated since it may be made from non-heat resistant plastic. Worse, non-heat resistant plastic in some water bottles may contain a BPD, which is a harmful and potentially carcinogenic substance. Then, there are other factors to consider when it comes to safety.

So, yes, smoking out of a water bottle is bad if it isn’t well-made and the parts used are not up to the task.

Now, that doesn’t mean you cannot and shouldn’t make your bong. It’s just that a homemade bong has not been sufficiently tested to see if it is sturdy and safe enough for long-term use. The keyword here is “long-term use.” If you plan on using an impromptu bong for a quick one-time hit, then it’s safe enough.

Now, the question is : Can it be safe to use a water bottle bong?
The answer to that is yes.

Here are a few tips on how to make a safe homemade water bottle bong.

Find a reliable and trusted online source

Do some research. It ain’t fun, but that’s your best bet in finding the best DIY site when it comes to making bongs.

How can you tell if that site is any good?
1. The instructions must be clear and well-detailed. You don’t have to second guess what to do next, or fill the gaps within the instructions. Nothing must be vague or ambiguous.
2. The materials needed should be specified.
3. Measurements and dimensions should be provided.
4. Usually, there is an endorsement for such a site. This comes from sites or groups which specialize in homemade bongs.

Use the best materials around

Now, you don’t need to buy new materials, such as a new water bottle. That would defeat the purpose of making a bong. Why not buy a new bong instead?
Just choose the best one you have lying around the house.

For example, a water bottle that isn’t cracked, chipped, or broken. Assemble it correctly, and presto! You have an instant bong, one you made yourself.

Most DIY bongs aren’t made for long-term use. Besides, these are often disposed of after using them once.

It is fun to make a bong from scratch. Make use it is safe to use, even for a one-time hit. If you want a ready-made bong without any hassles, it would be best to simply order one online.


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