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Lemon Juice in Bong Water

Lemon Juice in Bong Water

The thought of having lemonade ( without the sugar) in a pipe may seem odd, doesn’t it? Some people swear by it and say that having this yellow citrusy stuff does help. How? We’ll get to that in a minute.

Now, the lemon juice we are talking about here comes from freshly squeezed lemons, not the ones that come in powder form in a packet. After reading this and you decide to add some lemon zest to your bong water, use freshly squeezed lemons.

Well, there are benefits to having some juice in your bong water. What are these benefits? Read on.

Lemon water keeps your bong clean

Now, here’s a quick pop quiz: What is the source of murky water, ugly stains, and nasty odor in bong water?

The answer: sticky resin residue

Now, How does lemon water help keep your bong clean?

Lemon water prevents gunky resin from accumulating in the bong. This is most noticeable at the waterline, where unsightly stains often accumulate. Overall, the bowl looks cleaner since there won’t be smudges at the sides.

What’s that thing in lemon water that helps clean the bowl? Citric acid. It has cleansing and chelating properties. Cleating means it prevents the build-up of gunk and sticky substances. In fact, boilers are cleaned using a combination of commercial-grade citric acid ( and a small percentage of sulfuric acid) to prevent the build of salt in the boiler chambers. Well, skip that part on sulfuric acid for bongs; it’s highly toxic.

What if you have a smaller bubbler?

So much the better, as smaller bubblers tend to get all gunked up faster than larger pipes. Your bubbler loaded with lemon water won’t have all that sticky gunk stuck to the walls.

It’s much easier to clean up

Think about it; it’s a pain to clean up a dirty bong.

Using lemon water reduces the amount of leftover resin and dirt cling to the bowl and pipe walls. Since the walls will absorb not much gunk and stains on the pipe, it will be easier to clean up.

Your pipe won’t smell awful

Let’s say you clean up your pipe after every three hits. The first time around, it’s great. Next won’t be as good. The third time around? There’s that nasty smell. You do know that smell, right?

That stench is from the burnt-up residue whenever you take a hit. More hits equal more gunk in the water bowl.

Now, what if you add in some lemon water to the pipe? Your bong will smell lemony and won’t develop that nasty bong water odor.

Ever notice that most cleaning products have a lemony scent? The scent of citrus from lemons is great when it comes to removing stink. From air fresheners to kitchen sink cleaners, lemon scents make things look and smell clean. If it works on dishes, it will also work for a bong.

Last but not least, that swirly yellow tinge in a bowl looks neat.

If there is one drawback in using lemon water, it would be this; it affects the taste of your hit. Some can live with it, while others may hate it. Some may like a lemon-flavored hit, while others may hate it.

Consider the advantages as well as the drawback, and find out if using lemon water on a bong is your thing.


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