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The Cool Incycler Bong

The Cool Incycler Bong

In the world of bongs, the incycler often stands out. Known for dishing out cooler and smoother hits, an incycler is hard to beat. Plus, its jaw-dropping look is hard to ignore . All that glass plumbing is a sight to behold. It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

An incycler does what most ordinary bongs cannot do; it can also function as a dab rig. Resin produces more heat, so all that incycler tubing cools it down as you take a hit. That steam won’t be scalding hot, and you won’t end up burning your tongue and tonsils in the process.

What exactly is an incycler bong?

For the uninitiated who may be scratching their heads right now, here’s a short description of what is an incycler bong. The technical name is internal incycler, but you can call it an incyler for short. Incycler bong will also do, but it’s a bit too long.

Incyclers are water pipes with a primary percolator, a main chamber, and an internal section. Well, just look at the picture. Pictures do speak a thousand words. 

The purpose of all that fancy-looking glass plumbing is to cool down the vapor. Since the vapor travels through a series of chambers and water, it becomes much cooler and even smoother before it reaches you. Not only that, but the water is constantly swirling within the chambers, so the vapor doesn’t become stale.

So, with an incyler, the hits are smooth, never stale, and aren’t steaming hot. These are the reasons why incyclers are much sought-after.

Incycler? Don’t you mean recycler?!

Well, an incycler is a kind of recycler.

What’s the difference? The difference lies in the location of the chambers.
A recycler has two chambers, and so does an incycler. However, the chambers on a recycler are placed side by side. An incycler has the second chamber inside the first one. Hence the name, in-cycler.

Another difference would be that incyclers are more compact than a garden variety recyclers. This is because instead of having two chambers side by side, it has one chamber inside another.

Clear enough? Great!

Why choose an incycler?

Incyclers are versatile. Oils, resins, and the garden variety stuff work well with it. It’s that one bong that does it all.

Also, there’s that “draw,” which incycler fans often rave about. Watching the vapor enter the chambers in a slow bubbly manner can be a trip in itself.
Then, there’s that trademark “coolness” of hits that you get when using an incycler.

The not so cool things

First and foremost, this bong doesn’t come cheap. It’s pricier than your average garden variety bong. With all that glass tubing blown within another tube, this water-driven bong is not easy to make. Well, just like everything else, you have to lay down a few more bucks for something unique. Premium has a price.

Secondly, incycler rigs are tougher to clean up compared to a regular flask bong. All that added surface area provided by the chambers and extra plumbing equals more places where gunk can inconveniently stick.

Still, disadvantages aside, an incycler bong is something you’d like to have in your bong collection.


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