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Tips For Finding The Best Acrylic Bongs

Tips For Finding The Best Acrylic Bongs

Are you looking for the best acrylic bongs around? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll go through some of what you need to know about when looking for an acrylic bong.

Since there are literally hundreds of acrylic bongs out there, we’ll discuss only three things you need to know. Boling things down to three essential acrylic bong facts will simplify things and help you pick the best acrylic bong for your money.


Here’s the first thing you need to check. Thickness here refers to the bong wall, not the diameter of the tube or the bowl. Thick bongs are sturdier and more durable than thin ones. Hence, these will last longer than those with thin walls.
Buying a bong with a thin wall is a waste of money. These crack and may even break easily and are best stayed away from.

The quality of plastic used

High-quality acrylic bongs are shatter-proof and break-resistant. This is why acrylic is used to make everything from drinking glasses to eyewear.

Not all acrylic bongs are created equal. What you need to look for are bongs made from prime-grade acrylic. Besides, what you need to look for is an acrylic bong, not one made from polycarbonate plastic. That is a big no-no. Polycarbonate plastics contain BPA, which is a highly carcinogenic substance.

Cheap “acrylic” bongs have this nasty chemical after taste when you take a hit. Not only that, but the heat of the smoke makes things even worse. In fact, these may not even be made from acrylic.

So, always be sure you are buying a real acrylic bong, not some cheap polycarbonate knock-off. How can you tell the difference? The price.

The price

Now, let’s make this clear; a reasonably or modestly priced bong is different from a cheap bong. A low-priced inexpensive bong may still be a quality product. However, a cheap bong is, well, cheap. Price-wise and quality-wise, it is at the bottom of the barrel.

As with everything else, you get what you pay for. Cheap acrylic bongs may indeed momentarily save your wallet, but you will end up throwing away money in the long run. Why? Because you will keep buying one “cheap” acrylic bong after another. It is better to buy one which is a bit more expensive but will last longer.

Compare the prices of the bongs before buying one. If it’s way too cheap, stay away from it.

There is one exception to this tip. If it’s your first time and you aren’t really a heavy hitter, then buy one. You can simply get rid of it when you find out hitting a bong isn’t your thing.

Read the reviews

Here’s your best bet when it comes to buying the best acrylic bong. Separate the wheat from the chaff, and do some research. You want the best acrylic bong for your money, so read reviews and customer feedback.

Why read reviews and customer feedback? Because those who buy these bongs have first-hand experience purchasing and using products from different online stores. Based on their experience, they can tell you the pros as well as the cons of a particular acrylic bong. They can tell you what a good deal is and what is not.

Here’s hoping these simple tips will help you find the best acrylic bong for your money.


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