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Who Needs a 5-Foot-Long Bong?

Who Needs a 5-Foot-Long Bong?

Pipes come in different shapes and sizes, as well as lengths. A five-foot-long bong may seem a bit odd. Form does not follow function, and it may even be a bit impractical. Your garden variety bong with a short pipe is practical; a five-foot bong is not. Who needs something like that? It is like the answer to a question no one has ever asked.

The Cool Factor

Well, a five-footer pipe is a novelty. Novelties such as these have a niche market. There is a demand for a 5-foot bong simply because of the wow factor; it’s an out-of-this-world king of thing that will blow your socks off. In the same way that a Prius isn’t as practical as a Lamborghini, people want unique things and out of the ordinary. It may not be for everyone like a Lamborghini, but it may just be for you. How so?

Consider the fact that not everyone has one of these monsters in their bong collection. Five-foot-long pipes are very rare, and only a few own them. To have one in your collection earns you a special place among bong collectors; you are one of the few actually to own one.

Big Pipe

Besides the bragging rights, are there any other advantages to owning a five-footer?

Well, for one, you get a much cooler hit. Hot vapor isn’t and will not be an issue with a five-footer. How so? All that vapor traveling through five feet of glass tubing does have a cooling effect. The hot vapor becomes bearable and comfortable steam compared to a shorter pipe. In order to get that coolness, you will need a percolator or a recycler, both of which are not easy to clean.
So, you get a coolness factor not just for the sheer size of it, but for the hits as well. That’s a pretty neat combo.

Now, the second advantage would be that, compared to a recycler or a perc, a simple bong is easier to clean. It might not be as easy to remove all that gunk on the bowl and the pipe, but it is much easier than cleaning more complicated rigs and percs.

The Not So Cool Factor

There’s always a flip side to everything, and the same goes for five-footer pipes.
Gigantic pipes are hard to find if you want to buy one. How do you get hold of one of these massive pipes? These are mainly made to order by online specialty shops. A five-foot-long bong is seldom sold off the rack. You order one to get to own one.

The price for admission to the big bong club does not come cheap. Wallets will lighten significantly when purchasing a five-foot bong since the starting price begins at around 600 bucks. Since these are made to order, handmade blown glass pipes are expensive to produce.

To buy or not to buy

Think about it this way; Why would anyone buy a Lamborghini? Why not buy a more practical Civic or a Suburban? Practical things might be useful but are also downright dull. Taking a walk on the wild side, like riding a fancy Italian sports car or hitting a 5-foot pipe, makes you feel alive. That pretty much sums up why you may consider adding a 5-foot bong to your collection.


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