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An Inside Look in 420 Science

Online Headshops
An Inside Look in 420 Science
When we talk about online headshops, we are looking for one that is reliable, trustworthy, and serious about customer service. Today we’ll talk about one of the long-standing smokeshops in the industry, which is 420 Science.

What is 420 Science?

Gary, along with his best friend Matt, had an idea way back in 2004 to offer glass container jars that feature herb-themed designs. The concept started through the view that people are looking for storage solutions that are stylish yet can keep hers fresh. They never knew that 420 Science would grow to what it’s known today.

From the 420 jar line, 420 science soon teamed up with different designers to create store-brand products. Amazingly enough, they also teamed up with David Daily, the founder of GRAV Labs, and both got to work together to create an official jar for a yearly botanical event.

The business grew throughout the years, and they soon became a brand recognized nationwide. The shop aims to provide the best smoking and vaping devices for smokers of different levels. From beginners to experts, there’s something there for you to satisfy your smoking needs.

What’s on the 420 Science list?

You can get water pipes like bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers. There are also hand pipes for those who like it simple like steamrollers, spoons, blunts, one-hitters, and chillums. Famous brands include GRAV, Sesh Supply, HiSi, and RooR.

You can also get vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates on portable and desktop forms. 420 Science carries vaporizers from Linx, Puffco, PAX, Firefly, as well as Storz & Bickel.

You can also get a good selection of accessories such as grinders, ash catchers, papers, and other parts necessary to enhance your smoking or dabbing experience. You can get storage solutions, cleaning products, and educational items that can help you maintain your smoking products and keep up with the trends in the industry.

How much will I spend?

Water pipes will cost you $9.99 - $699.99 for a mini bubbler to a high-end bong. Dab rigs range $18.99-$699.99.

Vaporizers cost $64.99-$698.99, starting with the Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer up to the Storz & Bickel Hybrid Volcano Vaporizer.

Hand pipes are priced $6.99-$159.99, which can get you a taster as well as a Upline bubbler from GRAV.

Are there several ways to pay?

You can use your credit card to pay for your orders. 420 Science accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

How’s the shipping?

The standard shipping fee within the US is $4.20. If your order is above $49, you’ll enjoy free shipping. For those of you who want to get their orders faster, there’s an option for a shipping upgrade. The size and value of your order will determine what carrier 420 Science will use to deliver your order. It can be FedEx or USPS and can take 2-4 days depending on how far you are from Austin, TX.

They ship to the US and Canada only. If you live in other places, they have distributors located in the UK, Australia, and Spain.

Is there a 420 Science discount?

Sign up for their newsletter and get an instant 10% savings on your order. You’ll also get a head’s up on any 420 Science Promo to get exclusive discounts. There are items on sale, and the site offers discounts and gift cards, depending on their promotion.

How can 420 Science compare to other online headshops?

420 Science can be considered your one-stop-shop. You have storage solutions, accessories, attachments, and replacement parts to choose from, aside from your bongs, rigs, pipes, and vaporizers. They’re almost as old Grasscity but with roots established in the US.

Is 420 Science legit?

They are without a doubt legit and carry only high-quality products that ensure customer satisfaction. In-house brands are stamped with a satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem with your 420 Science glass piece, you have 48 hours to report it for possible resolution.

If you’re looking for storage solutions for your wax and herbs, you’ll find your container here. The jars are solid and keep in the freshness – as well as the smell. They did well with their brand of storage products as well as their choice of smoking devices.

If you’re looking for an online smoke shop that will give you most if not all of your smoking needs, 420 Science is the right place. The prices are okay, and the delivery is fast. 420 Science continues to improve through time and meets customer standards.


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