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Brothers with Glass Review: Is Buying Here Worth It?

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Brothers with Glass Review: Is Buying Here Worth It?
When you hear the word “brother”, you instantly think about kinship and sharing a common bond. Should you be expecting the same dedication from Brothers with Glass? Let’s find out together!

What is Brothers with Glass?

Brothers with glass is a company founded by two brothers Jake and Jessie, in 2010. The brothers created the company due to some bad experience with online headshops. Two years later, Jesse left for his own ventures, and Jake was left running the store. Together with his a dedicated team of glass collectors, Jake was able to make Brothers with Glass a wide-known name in the smoking industry.

The site is relatively easy no navigate. With great attention to detail, the website categorizes glass pipes according to brand, model, size, type of glass, almost any category imaginable for a smoking pipe. This can be overwhelming and confusing at first when you’re still hunting for that one pipe that you have no idea what is. Still, once you get the hang of the navigation, choosing becomes easy.

brothers with glass popular glass companies

What can I get from them?

Brothers with Glass offers smoking pieces from more than 80 different brand names as well as from well-known glass artists. Some of the famous brands that you can get from the shop include Empire Glassworks, Mathematix Glass, Cheech & Chong, Goo Roo Designs, and HVY Glass. Glass artists include EA Glass, Grimm Glass, Phern Glass, and Shredz Glass.

You can get the standard glass water pipes such as bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs. You can also take your pick from their extensive collection of hand pipes like chillums, spoons, and steamrollers. Compared to their smoking devices, their vaporizers are somewhat limited. You can get portable, handheld, and desktop vaporizers from Pulsar Glass, Arizer, Storz & Bickel, Kandy Pens, as well as others.

How much will purchasing from Brothers with Glass cost me?

Bubblers can cast $13.95-$129.95 Bongs costs at $19.95-$439.99, while dab rigs can go for $29.95 $1,300. For vaporizers, your price range will be $24.95-$479.95.

Can I use my credit card?

Yes, you can complete your purchase using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Gift cards are also accepted. As of now, there are no payment options for E-Check, Bitcoin, and Paypal.

Should you rather pay using cash or check, send them an email and they’ll give you instructions on how to proceed with your order.

brothers with glass free shipping with US map

What’s their shipping policy?

Brothers with Glass offer free shipping for all US orders (including HI and AK) through ground shipping. Your orders can take 2-6 days to arrive, and you have upgrade options if you want your package sooner. Fulfilled items by 10-11am PST Monday-Friday get same-day shipping. They also offer international shipping (except for the Philippines), with rates calculated upon checkout.

Are there discounts I should know of?

You can get Brothers with Glass discounts depending on the season. There are also some low-cost items in case you’re on a budget. However, unlike Smoke Cartel and DankStop, you won’t earn any points to get savings for your purchases.

How does Brothers with Glass compare to other online headshops?

Aside from their vaporizers, Brothers with Glass only offer pipes made out of glass. They are also offering hassle-free returns of no cost if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Provided, of course, that the item is unused and still in its original condition and packaging. There is also no minimum purchase to enjoy free shipping within the United States.

Is Brothers with Glass Legit?

Brothers with Glass is a legit website that you can trust with your online purchase. If you’re looking for a fancy water pipe you are most likely to find one here. When some heady pieces can go over-the-roof for prices, you’ll find affordable ones here.

You’ll see many positive reviews on the site regarding how easy the site is to navigate, as well as how Jake and Mike handle their customers. If you’re going to look for a legit negative review, you won’t see them on the site, or anywhere else. There’s one issue that dates back almost a decade, and the company may have learned from that experience. If you’re looking for a trustworthy online shop, Brothers with Glass is one of the best ones you can go to.


  • Waited a month for three bowls I ordered. Two weren’t even close. I won’t be going back which sucks because they have some good 503 Liberty pieces. Tried calling their phone number probably 50x, just a recording, no one ever answers. Clown show.

  • have been waiting for my piece for a month now. they can’t even give me an estimate on when it may ship even after their site said in 4 days. I asked for express shipping when it does come in. and they threw a fit cause I asked and had to come up with “I don’t have an IT team” so you’re just gonna have to wait. so far my attempt to cancel the order was ignored and it seems like they just don’t care about the customers.

  • I purchased a JP Hillman double bubble the down stem broke on the second use.The Brothers With Glass care less about quality control or taking care of broken glass stem Save your money,stay away from the glass shop.

  • Brothers with glass sent me a broken bong with a broken cracked female
    Piece and a cracked bowl and told me they would upgrade me to a nicer bong for free so I spent 20 dollars shipping it back and then they told the owner and he changed his mind told me they would send me the same piece back but not broken with 20 dollar gift card for the 20 I paid so they break even and so do I . And when I told him I wasn’t okay with that he told me he never wanted to do business with me again …. so I lost 20 bucks on this and have never been so disrespected. So I get a email today saying that every thing on the site is 20 percent off for 420 this dude is cheap and a total kook don’t be stupid like I was and waist your money on trash !


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