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Hoss Glass Review: A Look at the Build-A-Bong

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Hoss Glass Review: A Look at the Build-A-Bong
Are you looking for a customized bong that will be the reflection of your smoking style and character? We took a look at Hoss Glass, one of the online smoke shops that will give you the flexibility of having a bong that’s you.

What is Hoss Glass?

Hoss Glass started in 2009 with its main office located in Canada. What they’re most known for is the Hoss Glass Build-A-Bong, which is an original concept that they proudly continue throughout the decade.

[This is one of the Build-A-Bong pieces that you can make with Hoss Glass.

What are the products that you can get?

When you try out the Build-a-Bong, you’ll see that you can customize your water pipe in three parts: base, middle, and neck.

The base comes in classic beaker styles, and you can also get one with a middle perc. There’s an inline perc base as well for those who are fans of this percolation. If you prefer something with a lesser water volume, there are straight bases as well.

For those on a budget, you can choose a plain base, then gradually upgrade your Build-a-Bong with the middle attachment. You can set this on top of your base then just put in your chosen neck.

Aside from Hoss Glass bongs for sale, you can accessorize your water pipe with different herb slides that come with handles. Add in an ash catcher to extend your session or try out different diffusers and see which one will be perfect with your bong. There are also different quartz bangers should you wish to convert your bong to a dab rig.

If you’re a first-time smoker, there are also some full-piece bongs ready for you to use. Once you’re accustomed to how a bong works, you can begin customizing your experience.

How much will I be spending?

Bong bases are $75.00-$260.00, middles $92.40-$196.00, and tops will be at $50.40-$165.90. If you’re going to build your bong, you’ll be spending roughly $217.80-$621.90.

For a full-piece bong, you can expect to spend $58.00-$320.00. Ash catchers are $20.00-$72.00, bong bowls are $6.00-$33.60, and bangers are $25.20-$33.60.

Can I have different payment options?

Once you make a decision on your purchase, you can pay using your VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal.

What are the shipping and returns policy?

A standard fee of $20 if you’re going to order in the US and Canada. Should you wish to return a product, you have to contact them to so that you’ll know what you need to do to get the process started.

Is there a Hoss Glass Coupon code?

You won’t see any posted Hoss Glass discount code at the website, but there are items for sale at discounted prices. The choices are limited yet modest enough for a good deal.

Is Hoss Glass legit?

If you’re going to look for any updated Hoss Glass review, you’ll be hitting a roadblock. There are feedbacks from customers as well as other smokers, but they dated back almost a decade ago. The reviews aren’t that pleasant, with others stating that the glass is inferior in quality.

Still, the company is up and running, which means they are doing something right with their bongs. You won’t find that many online smoke shops that will give you the option of making your own bong. The Build-A-Bong can be your economical answer to having a smoking pipe of your own. You can gradually start buying each part until you got a whole set.

Having a customized bong comes with a price, though. You’ll be spending more compared to when you’re buying a whole piece. You can get a decent bong for less than $200 like the Snoop Dogg Pounds JFK or the Empire Glass Works Diffused Downstem Perc Bong. It’s to be expected since these should be made to fit together like a single piece. The success of their Build-A-Bong is the seamless connection of each part so that you can get that smoking session that you’re looking for.

If you prefer something more affordable and less complicated, we got you covered. We have different bongs that will meet your budget. Click here now and we’ll gladly send you your order without you having to go out to a store to get one.

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