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Shiva Online: Can This UK Store Deliver?

Online Headshops
Shiva Online: Can This UK Store Deliver?
Some online headshops started out in Europe like Grasscity that branched out to have satellite locations in the US and other countries. Will we expect the same thing with Shiva Online?

What is Shiva Online?

Shiva Online is an online headshop that offers a range of smoking products for all types of smokers and dabbers. They have a retail outlet on Creek Road, Greenwich, London should you prefer to see the products personally.

What’s good about the website is that it’s got a currency converter. With a simple click on the dropdown menu, you can change the currency on the website to GBP, EUR, USD, JPY, AUD, and CAD. It’s one good indication that the site is catering to an international market, making it easy to purchase. For easy reference, we’ll be stating prices in USD for this review unless indicated.

What are the Shiva Online products available?

First, let’s talk about the products that you’ll get from the store.

They have a stash selection that will help you store and organize your stash in your home in easy range or discreetly. There are also storage solutions for people on the go like cigarette boxes, pouches, as well as vacuum-sealed systems.

Traditional smokers will have more than a hundred choices for bongs. The styles vary from traditional, old-school acrylic bongs to challenging mask bongs.

You can also get some blunts of various sizes and flavors. If you’re a vaper, there are also some portable pens and kits. There are also some e-liquids with different flavors for you to choose from, although the stocks seem to run out quickly.

For avid smokers, there are herb grinders and grinder accessories, with the Thorinder by Afterglow as their main product.

Dabbers have a complete line of kits and accessories to choose from. They have bangers, dab tools, carb caps, and nails. The dab rigs that they also come in various designs that will be good for your dabbing style.

As for the brands, expect to find products from 420 Science, Atmos, Arizer, Black Leaf, Cheech & Chong, RooR, Kannastor, and many more.

How much are the products?

The prices are well-balanced based on the quality as well as brands that Shiva Online carries. The online headshop offers blunts for $1.20-$28.80, while you can get a vape pen for $17.99-$26.39. The e-liquids will cost you $10.79-$11.99.

Bongs go for $7.19-$395.99, while dab rigs are more affordable at $21.59-$173.99. Grinders are priced at $4.79-$83.99 with the accessories ranging from $1.20-$3.59. Dab accessories $3.59-$239.99, the Dabbie Dab Station kit being the most expensive.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your orders using VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. Should you prefer to pay via cheque, you need to contact them to process your order.

Unfortunately, Shiva Online doesn’t accept PayPal and Western Union for payment.

How do I get my orders?

Orders £29.99 above will get free shipping. You can also get same-day shipping when you fulfill your order by 3:30 pm. In some cases, it takes about 2 days for them to dispatch your order.

All orders are processed and dispatched Monday-Friday except during bank holidays. For Royal Mail, it takes about 2-3 working days within the UK for orders that cost $35.99-$239.99, and up to 15kg. UK DPD courier is their most reliable shipping option for large orders, with 1-2 day service within the UK.

As for international orders, you should know custom laws before you proceed with your order. It can take about a week for the orders to reach the country of destination, but there’s no guarantee on the delivery date. Each country has their own shipping fee, which they listed on their website. For faster delivery, UK DPD is also an option.

Is Shiva Online legit?

The online smoke shop has 677 reviews in Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.7 based on the reviews. Customer service is excellent, and delivery is fast. The collection of bongs and pipes are of top quality, and the prices are affordable.

However, since they don’t have a warehouse in the US, it may a while for your orders to arrive. To avoid any hassles with customs laws, you should choose a local vendor. Click here now and choose among our hand-picked, well-chosen brands that will match your smoking needs.

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