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Smokea: Should You Buy From This Headshop?

Online Headshops
Smokea: Should You Buy From This Headshop?
If you’re looking or an online headshop, Smokea is one of the brands you’ll come across online. Let’s see what Smokea has to offer when it comes to smoking products and customer service.

What is Smokea?

There’s not much information about this smoke shop, unlike Dankstop or Smoke Cartel that have cool and exciting startup histories respectively. From the website itself, you’ll see them as an smoke shop that has a multitude of smoking and vaping devices.

What should I expect in Smokea?

Smokea carries over a hundred brands of hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and accessories. Aside from their own brand, they also have Sabertooth Glass, Oooze, Noble Glass, My Bud Vase, Crush, RooR and more.

You have can get all types of dry pipes such as chillums, steamrollers, and Sherlocks. For water pipes, you won’t run out of choices from generic to branded bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers. There are also grinders, dugouts, and storage solutions for your herbs and concentrates.

Navigating the selection of products is easy. You have categories to go to that make online shopping convenient. You can shop by brands, take a look at what’s new, and stake out the best deals.


How much am I looking to spend in Smokea?

You can get a Chameleon Glass Pipe for $19.99, or you can splurge as much as $2,000 for a Sherlock collab. Water pipes can go for as low as $14 for an acrylic bong and $15 for a Smokea glass bubbler pipe. If you want high-end glass pieces, An American Helix Rig can cost you $450, while a Glowfly bong can go as much as $320.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay using credit cards (Visa Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCBA OR Diner’s Club, Cryptocurrencies, Sezzle, as well as Smokea Gift Cards. For Cryptocurrencies, you can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

What is Smokea’s shipping policy?

All US orders in Smoka get free shipping or orders above $10. Same-day shipping applies for orders fulfilled by 12pm CT Monday-Friday. You get your items delivered via USPS, FedEx, or DHL Express. Smokea applies the cheapest shipping option for free delivery and may take 2-9 business days for 48 contiguous states. If you live outside these contiguous states, it will take 9-16 business days. You can pay for additional fees if you want faster delivery, say 1-3 days or overnight.

International orders may take 6-10 business days to get delivered but may take up to 20 business days for remote areas.


Can I get discounts and coupon codes?

Smokea offers discounts, as well as sweepstakes entries and free products. You’ll be alerted via newsletter for special offers. Loyal customers can also participate in a rewards program where you can earn points called “tokins”. You can get tokins by sharing in social media, friend referrals, and, of course, shopping. You can earn 3-10 tokins per dollar spent depending on your VIP status.

How does Smokea compare to other online headshops?

Smokea is one of the few online headshops that features reviews on each of their products. If you’re just starting out as a smoker, The site has a blog that will help you educate yourself on smoking, dabbing, and vaping. The shop also has a shopping assistant that enables you to keep track of the products that you’ve visited or added to your wishlist.

Several shop reviews say that Smokea provides fast shipping and one customer was matched with another product that went out of stock. Also, when you browse through the reviews, you’ll see that they allow customers to upload pictures.

You also get a low price guaranty; show them a similar product from a different store, and they will give you a coupon code for a great deal. What’s good though is that they have Sezzle, a payment option that allows you to pay for your smoking or vaping device in four easy payments. There’s not much buzz about the shop like Grasscity and 420 Science does. They’ve abandoned their YouTube channel, and you won’t see anything about the shop online save for a lone Reddit and TrustPilot review.

Is Smokea Legit?

With more than 7k reviews on the website, you can definitely say that Smokea is legit. There are a few flimsy items that get broken, and another customer got a rig smaller than what was described in the site. Still, there’s a good 85% of positive reviews regarding their products which outweigh those isolated incidents. It’s a good starting place to buy a bong or a dab rig, but there are other better shops you can go to.


  • Customer Service used to be ok at Smokea, but it’s changed for the worse. They sent me the wrong item twice, instead of what I ordered. The second time, I requested that they double check the order in the order comment section. This request was ignored. When I contacted Smokea, Mark in Customer Service tells me they are "one and the same " and tried to gaslight me into accepting the wrong item. Mark was adamant that the Kannastor Pendant Puck I ordered was the exact same thing as the Storage Puck they sent. Mark even sent a link to Kannastor to prove they were the same.
    Mark was wrong. He then went on to insist the only Pendant Kannastor had was a higher priced Pendant grinder, and if I sent back the item they sent ( paying for postage myself), then I could buy this higher priced item I didn’t want.
    I asked to speak to his supervisor so I could get actual help. This was denied, and Mark kept replying in increasingly hostile messages. They had an SKU and inventory problem, and he blamed the warehouse. I pointed out he was wrong for giving false information, and I wanted to speak to his boss. This request was denied.
    Mark continued to contact me, and I refused to ever let me even speak to someone else, and I am done with Smokea. They have bad Customer Service. I spent $700 dollars there this month, and was treated rudely over their repeated and systemic error. There was no way to get past the unprofessional and discourteous staff.

  • On June 23, 2021 (48 days ago) I ordered a product from SMOKEA with a total amount of $77.85 USD

    Order status: I have not received the shipment until this moment, nor any shipment notice.

    Let me explain in more depth why I’m sure SMOKEA.com is a SCAM **

    After waiting patiently for a while, without getting ANY update about a shipment – I reached out to SMOKEA by email, just to figure out what’s happening.

    The response from the SMOKEA is just a silly text, They try to reassure you all is fine but it’s nonsense, which is easy to tell, after I got the same exact response each time:

    “Thank you for reaching out to us! The item you ordered is fulfilled by a third party and shipping times may vary for these items. This is stated on the product page and shipping policy. Rest assured, your item is preparing for shipment and will be delivered soon. I have put in a request to the shipper to fulfill this order ASAP. If you have any other questions feel free to respond to this email.” —SMOKEA

    SMOKEA do not even try to sound like they care. Therefore, I have to conclude that SMOKEA’s website is a Scam with one and only purpose: taking your money.

    For the sake of transparency, my SMOKEA’s order number is 276899

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