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The Dab Lab: A Dab-Focused Store

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The Dab Lab: A Dab-Focused Store
The Dab Lab is an online store specializing in dabbing equipment, offering glass pipes of the highest quality. Founded in 2011, the online headshop aims to provide only the best scientific and artistic glass pieces at the best prices.

What are the products that I can see?

There are several dabbing as well as smoking gears that you can check out in The Dab Lab. As a store focused on dabbing solutions, you'll see some unique items for dabbing that you won't see in other stores. There are some E-rigs from Puffco, Dr. Dabber, and Grenco Science, as well as the limited Focus V dab rig. There's also an analog e-Nail set for those who like to dab without a torch but have limited space.

You can also get glass bongs and dab rigs Such as a Fab Egg Rig with Seed of Life Perc, and an incycler dab rig. Some of the brands that they carry include Custom Creations, Encore, Designer Sci, MJ Arsenal, GRAV, and Pulsar.

Other items that you can get include dab nails, bangers, vapor straws, and even a cooldown timer for low temp dabbing. There is also some old school dry pipes such as chillums, steamrollers, and spoons. For modern dabbers, there are vaporizers, vape pen adapters, as well as replacement atomizers.

How much will I spend?

Water pipes, which include bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers, cost $35.00 to $5,000, with the Cap'n Crunk as the most expensive rig in the collection.

Vaporizers (portable and desktop) can cost $29.99-$699, while their accessories and attachments can cost $5.00-$300.

For dry pipes, expect to spend $5.00 for a GRAV chillum, and $1,750 for a Bob Snodgrass hammer pipe.

How will I pay?

The Dab Lab accepts payment through Discover, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If you want to get a high-end dab rig of your dreams, The Dab Lab also has a Sezzle buy now pay later scheme.

As part of their social awareness, they are also offering a Lockdown Layaway plan. You pay a 30% deposit, with a 3-month payoff.

What's the shipping policy?

The Dab Lab ships orders from California within 24-48 hours from the time of purchase. Shipping times will depend on the courier options, which can be:

  • USPS Domestic First Class Mail - 3-6 days upon shipping.

  • USPS Domestic Priority Mail - 2-3 days from delivery

  • USPS Domestic Express - available upon special email request.

Note that these are just approximate delivery times and can change depending on certain conditions. Orders above $300 will get free shipping through USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground. International orders are also accepted, with the delivery address based on the credit card holder's address.

Can I make a return request?

You can return new and unused items for a refund or store credit within 72 hours of receiving your order. You'll be responsible for shipping, and there's a restocking fee of 17% if you want to refund.

Can I get The Dab Lab coupon?

There are no coupons available on the site, but they do offer a price match just like Smokea and DankGeek. There are also some items on sale that can give you as much as a 50% discount.

Is The Dab Lab legit?

As a verified merchant by the Authorize.net and TrustSpot, you can definitely say that this online headshop is legit. The Dab Lab also offers manual verification for orders that have a delivery address different from that of the credit/debit card holder's billing address.

The site also has over a thousand verified customer reviews that reflect their excellent choices of glass products. Ordering from the site is easy, and their customer service is excellent. With a great range of product choices as well as prices, The Dab Lab can be one of the reliable online smokeshops that you can trust.

The Dab Lab, however, has one of the highest restocking fee. If you plan to get a glass piece or any order from them, make sure that it's the product that you want to have. The return fees will end up costing you more even though you got a good deal from the product.

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