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Toker Supply: An Honest Review

Online Headshops
Toker Supply: An Honest Review
When you search for an online headshop, you’ll see Toker Supply as one of the companies that will show up. Let’s see what you can get from this smoke shop and how they will handle your business.

What is Toker Supply?

Toker Supply is a company created by a team of avid smokers that offers a vast collection of smoking products and accessories. Their ultimate goal is to make you their loyal customer for life by delivering quality smoking products that you can afford. The site is easy to navigate, with filters you can use depending on what you’re looking for in your smoking pipe.

What can I get from them?

Toker Supply has a wide selection of smoking and vaping solutions. You can get your choice of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, vaporizers, as well as several accessories. The brands that they carry include:

  • MJ Arsenal

  • Tatoo Glass

  • Fat Guy Series

  • Twisted Sisters

  • Lookah Glass

  • Rock Glass

For those who love to smoke, you can get bong accessories such as an ash catcher, downstem, adapter, or bong bowl. You can also get herb grinders, although their selection for this is somewhat limited. If you prefer to go old-school, they have several brands of rolling papers, plus some cool kits for rolling your herbs.

Toker Supply mostly concentrated on different bongs and dab rigs. Their choices of handheld pipes are limited to glass only, while their selection of bubblers is just a mere handful. Not a place to go to if you want a variety of hand pipes, but their bongs and dab rigs are more than decent in terms of quality and choices.

How much will they cost me?

Bongs are offered at $31.99-289.99, while dab rigs can cost $39.99-$289.99. If you want portable or hand held-pipes, expect to spend $14.99-119.99 for glass pipes, and $19.99-$$49.99 for bubblers.

For vaporizers, you can buy them at $29.99-$599, with the most expensive one being a Storz & Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer.

Does Toker Supply have different payment options?

You can pay for your order using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Bitcoin is accepted as well. You won’t be able to pay using your PayPal, though, as with other online headshops.

How’s Toker Supply’s shipping?

Once they finish processing your order, it takes 24-48 hours for them to ship your order, not including Saturday and Sunday. Depending on your location, it usually takes 5-7 business days for you to receive your package. Packages come in a discreet brown box, and there’s a tracking feature available on the site for you to keep tabs on your order.

Can I get a discount?

Seasonal discounts are available in Toker Supply, which can range from 10%-15% off for a limited time. These codes will flash on the homepage of the side in an easy-to-see banner. You can also get exclusive deals and offers right at your inbox when you subscribe to their newsletter. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any rewards program for loyal customers. That’s a bit ironic considering that they want to keep you as a loyal customer.

How does Toker Supply compare to other online headshops?

Toker Supply has an #RIPiece Program, which is similar to DankGeek’s Rest In Piece Program. You take a picture of your broken piece, then share it with them through a public Instagram post, or DM. They’ll give you a personalized code for your replacement piece at a discount. You also get free shipping along with it.

You can also get a price match just like what Grasscity, Smoke Cartel, and DankStop does. They have a list of competitors that they can match your price with, and will offer you the discount through email. The only difference is, they also provide free shipping with their matched items.

Is Toker Supply Legit?

Toker Supply is a legit online headshop, with more than 4k reviews on the site to back up their business. Some are satisfied with the speed of delivery as well as the quality of glass products that they get from the shop.

There are those who had problems with lost items, and some isolated incidences of damaged products. These reviews are seen in TrusPilot and nowhere in Toker Supply. If you plan to buy bongs or dab rigs, you can take a chance, or go to other online headshops for your device.

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  • This is obviously not an honest customer review. Yeah their sites’ set up great. However receiving a product, much less the actual product you ordered, is next to impossible. They hide all bad reviews but a quick Google search will show you honest opinions. They try to sell products they don’t actually have in stock. They’ll blame everyone else and even charge you restocking fees for their mistakes. Can’t get a refund for 24 days and on day 24 they’ll send you something else if they can’t get what you ordered. Then tell you to pay more for the item you actually payed for already. Absolute hoax, just don’t do it people. Also shame on you for likely knowing this, seeing real reviews and then posting this. “Honest review” my ass.


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