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Cali Crusher Bubbler for a Face-Crushing Session

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Cali Crusher Bubbler for a Face-Crushing Session
Cali Crusher started in 2010 as a company specializing in designer herb grinders for smoking. They soon expanded their reach to smoking products that will help you enjoy your herbs after each prep. One of their smoking tools is the Cali Crusher Bubbler, which we will talk about in our pipe review.

What is the Cali Crusher Bubbler?

The Cali Crusher Bubbler is an ergonomic bubbler made from high-quality boro glass. It’s a bubbler designed for those who are always on the go. The basic bubbler falls into the category of hammer bubblers, which are water pipes that have a handle and head similar to the tool.  The basic bubbler comes in two sizes. One is the 25mm or 4.5” long bubbler, and the other is the 35mm or 6” long bubbler. Although they have different sizes, both have the same features and benefits.

Let’s start with the “handle” or the mouthpiece. It’s a slender tube that has a flat end for a comfortable fit around your lips. The “head” or the body of the bubbler contains the water chamber. On top of it is the deep push bowl that continues straight down to a 3-hole jet perc. At the side is the carb hole that lets you control how fast or slow you want your hits to clear.

The bottom has an inclined flat base, allowing it to rest on the table. You no longer have to worry about it rolling over the table and smashing on the floor while you grind your herbs or rest in between hits. Because of its small size, holding the bubbler is easy. You don’t have to hold it in an awkward position to smoke it.

How do you use the basic bubbler?

Using the bubbler is simple and easy.

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse grind.

  2. Fill the Cali Crusher Bubbler with water by pouring it through the bowl. You can use a small water bottle to do this to make it easier. Make sure that you have enough water to cover all the holes of the perc fully. The best water level is about a third of the chamber.

  3. Do a pull test. If the bubbler is too quiet, add a bit more. If there are violent gurgling and splashback, reduce the amount of water by pouring it through the mouthpiece.

  4. Once you got the right water level, dry the bowl thoroughly.

  5. Pack the bowl with your herbs firmly but not too tight.

  6. Hold the bubbler by gripping the lower two-thirds of the head and place your finger on the carb hole.

  7. Light the herb and take a rip until you got a good smoke going.

  8. Release the carb hole and pull in the smoke.

  9. Release the bubbler and keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds.

  10. Exhale and repeat.

What’s the verdict on the Cali Crusher Bubbler?

Cali Crusher created the bubbler with your comfort and convenience in mind. The flat mouthpiece makes hitting the pipe pleasant and relaxing. The pull is easy, and there’s no issue with draw resistance. The jet perc efficiently diffuses smoke, filtering and cooling it for smooth, easy hits. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking for big hits, The Cali Crusher Bubbler will be able to deliver.

You won’t get tired of using this pipe because of the cozy fit in your hand as you smoke. Whether you’re using the 4.5” or 6” bubbler, both are easy to carry around. They can fit inside your pocket, bag, or purse. The size also allows for discreet smoking as you can wrap your hand around it.

Maintenance is also easy. You may have to clean it often because of the small size. However, using simple cleaning tools and your preferred cleaning solution, you’ll have a clean bubbler within minutes. As long as you do regular maintenance, the bubbler will remain perfectly functional as the day you got it.

If you’re someone who can’t stay in the same place and prefer to move around, we highly recommend this bubbler. It’s a great bubbler to enjoy after a long day. Click here now and get yours!

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