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Empire Glassworks Dab Rigs Review

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Empire Glassworks Dab Rigs Review
Empire Glassworks is a relatively company compared to other glass producers like Pulsar, HVY, and GRAV. However, they have a team of fantastic glass blowers that have been in the glassblowing business for more than 40 years. Rumor has it that they took part in Disney’s earlier production of glass figurines, and they carried such attention to detail to their themed glass pieces.

Empire Glassworks dab rig collection

From bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, to accessories, you have more than a few heady glass options that have got that wow factor. Getting an Empire Glassworks dab rig adds color to your session, transporting you into a different visual dimension.

empire glassworks 14mm female diffused glass fruit punch drink bong 8.5 inch Imagine having a grand time on a sunny beach with a fruit punch

Take, for example, this Tropical Fruit Mix Mini Dab Rig. 8.6” tall, it’s just the right size to carry around. The inside is decorated with tropical fruits that will either make you go hungry or thirsty for a refreshing drink. At a distance, it looks just like a regular glass mug with a straw. The whole piece is a mix clear, colored, and worked glass using American borosilicate material. What you get is a beautiful decorative piece that has the Empire Glassworks functionality.

It’s like you’re in a tropical paradise having a relaxing tropical margarita sangria. The only difference is, you’re enjoying the smooth, crisp flavor of your concentrate. The diffused downstem does an excellent job of dispersing concentrate vapor inside through the water. Decorative the glass piece may seem, this dab rig seriously rips with each hit. There’s also minimal backsplash since your mouthpiece is a long straw. Amazingly enough, you won’t notice any drag to it regardless of the narrow tube for your airpath.

Dab rig designs

The tropical fruit punch is not the only dab rig that you’ll get from Empire Glassworks. They also have this amazing Avocado topped dab rig that is perfect for avocado lovers out there. Other designs include a Nature UV dab rig that has a tree inside with mushrooms that glow when hit with a UV lamp.

Each dab rig is meticulously designed by exceptional glass artists. The details are so explicit and on-point that some dab rigs look realistic at a distance. Place the dab rig on display, set it in an angle to hide the downstem, and no one will know the difference.

Although Empire Glasswork pieces are decorative, they are also created to last long. Because they are US-made, you know you’re getting high-quality glass pieces. Each one is thick-walled, and you’ll feel the quality of the dab rig with each use.

Empire Glassworks diffused downstemp mini dab rig 6.75 inch The dabs that you’ll get are rich and thick just like an Avocado

Empire Glassworks functionality

We all want more than just eye candy for our dab rigs. Empire Glassworks is also committed to ensuring that any artistic accent added to the dab rigs enhances the aesthetics without losing too much functionality.

You won’t have problems with airflow when you get an Empire Glassworks dab rig. The pull is smooth and easy, so you don’t necessarily need to have a sprinter’s lungs to get all that flavorful vapor out. In some dab rigs, you may find an issue with water capacity, which can make your rips a bit stronger. By adding a diffuser downstem to their glass rigs, they were able to help smooth down smoke for an enjoyable session.

Still, using their dab rig is always enjoyable. You get something really pleasing to the eye, and the designs will stand out in a crowd. They are a bit on the expensive side, which is something that you can expect from such beautifully crafted dab rigs. If a dab rig became jewels, these glass pieces from Empire Glassworks would be the closest thing in the world. What you’re paying for is the craftsmanship and unquestionable skills that artists used to create these hand-blown art pieces.

Empire Glassworks dab rigs are beautiful, novel glass pieces that are worthy of being added to your collection. When it comes to colors and flair, nothing beats Empire Glassworks. Each piece is lovingly handmade so what you get may be a bit off from the picture. That’s another distinction that you get from these water pipes. No glass piece is the same, and yours will have a unique feature that you can identify as your own. Click here now and order your Empire Glassworks dab rig.

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