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Eyce Mold Review: Your Silicone Smoking Buddy

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Eyce Mold Review: Your Silicone Smoking Buddy
Dropping a beloved bong, pipe, or dab rig made of glass spells a heart attack to most of us. For a split second, your heart stops, and you seem to forget how to breathe. The world comes to an end when you see your favorite glass piece shatter and splinter to several pieces. EYCE answered this common worry of clumsy smokers by creating smoking and dabbing devices made out of silicone. The pieces are durable, flexible, and can last for years with no need for babysitting.

Eyce Silicone Honeycomb Perc Dab Rig With Quartz Banger 6.5 inch The EYCE Dab Rig

What is ECYE?

EYCE started in 2013 and changed the way people view durability in smoking devices. Their mission is to provide value and quality through useful yet creating products made to help you enjoy flowers and concentrates.

Each piece is created using medical-grade silicone designed to last long and keep up with your busy, creative, and highly adventurous lifestyle. Gone are the days when you have to contend with buying a sub-par flimsy glass piece because you know you’ll be breaking it after a couple of weeks.

With EYCE, you can drop it, break it, press it, and slam it against the wall, and it will still be as whole as the day you bought it. They are committed to their excellence, which they show through their Lifetime Warranty. Break it. Tear it. Burn it. They’ll replace it. If a company trusts their product enough to give such a warranty, you know you’re getting something good and worth every penny.


The company started with the Eyce Mold, which is a silicone mold that you can freeze to create a functional water pipe made of ice – yes, a bong almost entirely made of ice. Other innovations they added can be seen in this EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong. It’s got a silicone diffuser downstem and has a secret stash beneath the base for storing your herbs. Carry it around with you anywhere and you can also do easy clean-up afterwards.

EYCE Dab Rig

They also perfected using silicone for dabs. The EYCE Dab Rig is made with platinum cured silicone that makes it stronger and more resistant against mold. More importantly, it’s perfect for long-term heat exposure. You can do your dabs safely without any worries of melting or tasting any hint of plastic.

eyce silicone 14mm female diffused beaker bong kit with ice catcher


Many love the EYCE Spoon because of its durability. It’s ideal for medical patients who suffer seizures as it won’t easily break if dropped clenched too hard. It’s small and ergonomically designed to fit in your hand for easy smoking, and comes with a secret stash as well. The glass bowl is also removable and replaceable, making it easy to clean and store.

Another famous EYCE silicone pipe is their Hammer Bubbler. If you don’t want to hit dry herbs but dislike the water volume of a bong, this is the ideal smoker to use. It’s got a bigger bowl capacity compared to the EYCE Spoon, but may be a bit challenging to get the water level right. However, once you get it going, it’s a dream pipe to use on the go.

Why should you get one?

Sure there are other affordable alternatives like acrylic pieces. However, you can’t use acrylic for dabbing, and they can still break under extreme pressure. EYCE made sure that you won’t have to worry about breaking a glass piece. The body provides enough cushion to protect the breakable parts, and you can also take them out to pack separately for traveling.

As EYCE said: they didn’t invent silicone, they just perfected it. And that they did. The designs are unique, and the silicone material is arguably the most durable in the market. The EYCE pipe you’ll get will last for years and years, and will still be as good as the day you bought them.

If you want something that can meet your smoking demands and keep up with your active lifestyle, EYCE is more than just perfect for you. There’s no change in flavor, and there’s little effort in each toke. With careful attention to manufacturing, you can use your EYCE for as long as you want until you meet your smoking needs.


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