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EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe Review

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EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe Review
It’s BigDaddySmoke’s Review Friday again! Thanks for coming back! We’ll take a closer look on hand pipes today so we’ll be doing the EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe review.


Dimensions: 4 in x 1.75 in (L x W)
Bowl Diameter: 0.85 in
Material: platinum treated silicone
Color: 10 vibrant color choices
Bowl: Glass
Carb hole: Yes
Draw Resistance: None
BigDaddySmoke Price: $15.68


  • Durable and can withstand rough handling

  • Easy to carry around

  • Ideal for clumsy moments

  • Hidden stash container

  • Good bowl size

  • Comes in 10 bright colors

  • Suitable for beginners and expert smokers

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Can get smelly

  • You need to watch out for the silicone when lighting up.

  • May seem a bit bigger compared to regular glass spoon pies

  • You need a pipe screen due to

  • Not as beautiful as glass pipes.

The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe

Ever dropped your precious spoon accidentally? Or did you experience rummaging through your luggage for your pipe, only to get yourself injured on shattered glass? You can say goodbye to broken glass and save yourself a world of pain with the EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe.

The body of the spoon pipe purely made of platinum cured silicone. It’s heat resistant and can sustain blunt force. The shape feels snug in your hand, and the silicone material provides a good grip. At first glance, you’ll be thinking about going rugged and toughing out. The EYCE Silicone does not beg to be treated like a fragile jewel, and you can expect it to withstand the hardest roughhousing you can give. However, the bold colors do demand attention, so expect a lot of curious glances and questions when you take it out for a smoke.

The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe is 4 inches long with the spoon width measuring 1.75 inches. At the left side of the bowl, you will see a carb hole that will help you regulate the hits you get from the silicone pipe. The bowl is made of borosilicate glass and measures 0.85 inches in diameter. It can hold a decent amount of herb for a good, intense session either solo or with friends. The bowl is also removable, which can help you with cleaning after use.
Turn the pipe over, and you’ll see a poker fitted snugly underneath the handle of the silicone pipe. There’s also a discreet compartment beneath the bowl with a removable silicone cover. It’s an excellent place to hold your herbs while you travel, so you don’t have to bring an extra container with you.

You may be scratching your head thinking won’t lighting the bowl cook up the stash? Don’t worry because, unlike glass, silicone is an excellent thermal insulator. The best example of silicone’s insulation is through the use of silicone pot holders that your mother, wife, or girlfriend use to protect their hands from a hot pan. This means you can use your EYCE Silicone Spoon pipe without worrying about cooking your stored herbs.

How to use the EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe

Using the EYCE Silicone Pipe is just like using any other spoon pipe.

  1. Grind your herb in medium-coarse consistency.

  2. Optional: place a pipe screen inside the bowl

  3. Pack your herb inside the bowl snugly but not too tight in the pipe bowl.

  4. Plug the carb with your thumb and draw from the mouthpiece of your EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe as you light the herb with a lighter.

  5. Take a drag like you would a regular pipe, then release the carb hole to suck in the smoke.

  6. If you need another load, tap out the ash from the bowl and pack another batch of your favorite herb.

Ease of use

Using the EYCE Silicone Spoon pipe is easy. It’s even easier to use that your glass piece because you don’t have to worry about dropping it or smashing it against something. There’s no case or anything when you get the spoon pipe because it’s one of the simplest and straightforward pipes that you can enjoy a sesh out of.

The compartment underneath the bowl is also very easy to open and seal. You don’t need the dexterity of a surgeon to open up the compartment and store or access your stash. It seals in tight so you’re secure that your herbs won’t be falling all over your pocket or bag as you walk around. The cover has a little lip that you can lift to open it up. However, it’s not too tightly sealed that you’re going to fight with it and end up throwing away your herbs.

Smoking experience

Don’t be deceived by the small size of this cool pipe. The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe hits hard, and you can really feel the medicinal effects of your herbs. Despite its bowl size, the spoon pipe can give you satisfactory one-hitter sessions (as long as you use a pipe screen), or long shared sessions with your friends.

Nothing can be said about the taste of your herbs. They really did good with the material, and you don’t have any hint of plastic or silicone taste to your smoke. EYCE made sure that you only get the best material for your smoking experience.

Remember what we said about silicone being an excellent insulator? This feature is going to be your best friend in winter. You don’t have to suffer through cold lips when you light the EYCE Silicone pipe during the winter. Unlike glass spoon pipes, this one does not get cold too easily. You can enjoy your smoking session with ease, and you don’t have to warm up your pipe.

Using the silicone pipe can feel unnatural for those who prefer the smooth, cool feel of glass. Some are uncomfortable with the sensation of silicone on their lips, although you can eventually get used to the sensation after several use.


Maintaining the EYCE Silicone pipe is easy. Once you got your pipe cool after a session, remove the glass piece and place the silicone spoon inside a bowl. Use can use the EYCE Silicone Cleaner to help remove residue as well as unwanted smell. A good soak and a thorough brushing under running water are enough to take all the gunk and smell out of your bowl.

You can also pop it inside the freezer and let the resin freeze. Afterward, scrunch, squeeze, bend, and whack the pipe to your heart’s content to get the resin out of the pipe. You can soak the glass bowl in alcohol, but not the pipe. Alcohol is known to react with silicone, giving it a dull, murky appearance. Stay away from it if you want to keep your EYCE pipe as brightly colored as the day you got it.

Did a pinch of herb get stuck in the bowl? Use the picking tool conveniently located beneath the stem. You can use it to easily remove a clog without having to stop your session and do a deep cleaning. After your done with the poker tool, place it again underneath the pipe and smoke away.

You’ve heard about silicone pipes being okay to wash clean in the dishwasher. You can do the same with the EYCE Silicone Pipe, just make sure that you remove the glass bowl and poker. Also, do this if you don’t’ have any other dishes or glassware in your dishwasher. Your pipe is going to come out clean and fresh smelling – but your dishes, glasses, and cookware will have that combusted herb smell.

Never break a pipe again

If you’re cursed with having clumsy hands and often faced with perpetually dropping your pipe and breaking it, we highly recommend the EYCE Silicone Pipe. It can take quite a force of beating, and offer a bit of protection to the glass bowl. You can toss it around like a toy, and it’s going to stay intact. You may even have fun watching it bounce on the table as you toss it with your friends. However, glass is glass, and this is the only part of the EYCE Silicone Pipe that you need to take care of. The borosilicate glass is replaceable, though, in case accidental breakage does happen. The downside is you can’t change it to a ceramic or metal bowl.

The EYCE silicone pipe is easy to use, and one of the most durable spoons you’ll ever use. The bright colors make it a perfect gift to your dear friend or loving partner. It’s a beautiful smoking device to take with you for camping, trekking, hiking, biking, or any other outdoorsy activity that you love.

Thanks for joining us once more on our Review Friday! Hope you like our EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe review. If you have other pointers you wish to share, please feel free to share them in our comment section. If you haven’t gotten one yet, click here now and order your silicone spoon here in Big Daddy Smoke!

Got questions about the Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe? Don’t be shy and ask away in our comment section!


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