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Freeze Pipe Bubbler: Big, Flavorful, Smooth, Cool Hits

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Freeze Pipe Bubbler: Big, Flavorful, Smooth, Cool Hits
There are pipes that you can freeze for a cool smoking session, just like the Ooze Cryo Pipe. However, you got to admit that it's dry. Wouldn't it be great to have a pipe that has the same cooling action and portability of a hand pipe but has the filtration of a bong or a bubbler? If you're looking for one, then the Freeze Pipe Bubbler is the answer.

What is the Freeze Pipe Bubbler?

This freezable bubbler is created by Freeze Pipe, an American company dedicated to creating freezable smoking devices. It's made with thick heavy glass that won't break easily, allowing you to use it without walking on eggshells. It has a professional yet attractive design, making it a totally conversational yet highly functional smoking piece.freeze pipe bubbler parts

When you get the Freeze Pipe Bubbler, it comes inside a highly insulated box and a booklet of instructions. This eliminates the guesswork on what to do with the pipe once you get it out of the box. The size is gigantic, giving you a good idea of just how big a rip you can get with the pipe.

The pipe comes in three parts. It has a big bowl that can hold approximately 0.5g of herbs. The bowl is black, so you don't have to be too concerned about appearances. You attach it to the bubbler chamber, which has a 6-arm tree perc for maximum diffusion and filtration. This provides the first stage of cooling action.

The ice chamber is where the cooling action happens. Sort of the mouthpiece part of the bubbler, you have this block that's filled with liquid glycerin. It's a non-toxic gel-like liquid that's 100% organic and can cool down the smoke up to 300 degrees. The freezing point is really low, allowing it to go to below freezing temperatures before solidifying. The coils will still stay cool even after your session is done!

How to use the Freeze Pipe Bubbler

What's good about the Freeze Pipe Bubbler is that the instructions are pretty straight forward. Place the coils inside the freezer for an hour, then connect it to the chamber. Use the keg clip to secure the mouthpiece to the glycerin chamber. Pull from the mouthpiece as you light your herb, and enjoy the smooth cooling action of the pipe.

How to clean the Freeze Pipe Bubbler

The standard iso-salt soak and shake method will work quite well when you need to clean the bubbler. Give special attention to the coils as the winding path can be a challenge to unclog in case you got too busy to clean it.

What's the word on the Freeze Pipe Bubbler?

There's one thing that's common on every freeze pipe bubbler review that you'll read: the cooling action is legit. Even if you have a perc and a cooling chamber, you'll still taste the flavor of your botanicals. The hits are super smooth because of the dual cooling action and the filtration of the percs.

The thick glass provides a solid, sturdy feel to the bubbler. It's comfortable to the grip, so you don't have to struggle too much with using it. The Freeze Pipe Bubbler also has a good capacity for a milky, dense smoke, providing a satisfying hit every time. You can take small or big rips, depending on what you're after for your session.

It does take some getting used to since you pull out the bowl to clear the chamber instead of the standard carb. It doesn't sit flat like other hammer bubblers like the Eyce Hammer Bubbler or the Cali Crusher Hammer Bubbler. Regular maintenance is also necessary as the air path gets clogged, especially if you're a heavy user. Although the size can be good for those who want big, full sessions, it's not the bubbler of choice for those who want something portable and handy.

The Freeze Pipe Bubbler will be just the thing for those who want the cool action of an ice bong yet are looking for the portability of a hand pipe. You can use it solo, or share it with a close group of friends when you are looking for a simple session. Should you prefer something more portable that you can put in your pocket, we have the Ooze Cryo Freezable Hand Pipe. Click here now, and get your cooling pipe delivered to your doorstep.

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