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GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler Review: Shake Your Sesh To the Next Level

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GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler Review: Shake Your Sesh To the Next Level
Are you still looking for that one-of-a-kind bubbler that you can proudly show off yet use comfortably? GRAV elevated the bubbler to something more fashionable and exciting with their GRAV Sip Series. We've recently reviewed the GRAV Milk Carton Bubbler, a nostalgic bubbler that will bring back childhood memories. Now we'll be looking into the GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler, a classy bubbler that will match well with your smoking standards.

The GRAV Martini Shaker

Micah Evans once again showed his fantastic flair for designing glass pieces. The GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler stands 7.5" tall and made from durable, high-quality borosilicate glass. It's a molded smoking piece, which means you have a seamless, smooth, leak-free bubbler.

Closely resembling its namesake, this is an upright bubbler that packs a punch. The elongated mouthpiece is comfortable to rip and designed to have minimal to now backsplash. At the side is a 14mm female joint connected to a fixed fission downstem.

The tapering shape also makes the bubbler comfortable to hold for extended periods. With its molded design and fixed pieces, you can easily pass it around without worrying about jiggling parts that will break. Do you prefer moving around as you smoke? This bubbler will be more than happy to accompany you everywhere you go. You can go to the living room, bedroom, or in the kitchen to get some snacks without thinking about spills or falling parts.

With a 3.5" base, it can stand on any smooth flat surface. Just set the GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler on the table and rest easy in between hits. It's one of the most enjoyable, functional, and laid-back bubblers that you'll be happy you've added to your collection.

How to use the GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler

  1. Grind your herbs then pack your herb slide. Set it aside for now.

  2. Pour water through the mouthpiece using a funnel or a dispenser with a spout. The water level should be up to nearly a third of the Martini Shaker Bubbler, or until you cover all the holes in the diffuser downstem.

  3. Wipe the joint dry in case some water got to it to prevent heat expansion.

  4. Attach the herb slide. You can use the bubbler by setting it on the table, or by holding it in your hand.

  5. Pull through the mouthpiece as you light the bowl.

  6. Pull until you got a thick milk going, then release the slide to clear the bubbler.

  7. Hold in the smoke for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.

How to clean the Martini Shaker

You can clean the martini by pouring iso alcohol through the joint. This will help loosen debris in the fission perc and can also aid in declogging. Pour salt through the mouthpiece instead of the downstem to prevent blocking the holes. Use bong caps or anything that can safely plug the joint and mouthpiece, then shake the bubbler. Soak for 15mins to overnight depending on how thick the residue is, then rinse with warm running water.

The GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler experience

The bubbler has a beautiful design and a wonderful conversational piece with surprising functionality. It's a great gift for bartenders, or for people who love making their own martinis. It's a worthy addition to the Sip Series, as well as your personal collection.

The size is just right for a good, satisfying hit that hits the spot. You have adequate water volume for the perfect filtration and the right space for a milky sm8oke. Despite its unorthodox style, the GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler is a dependable smoking device. Your typical session is transformed from the ordinary to something classy and entertaining.

Out of all the bubblers in the GRAV Sip Series, the Martini Bubbler offers the biggest chugs. There's no restriction in the airflow because of the wide mouthpiece, and it's got a good capacity to stack up smoke. Because of space and water volume, the Martini Shaker Bubbler gives the best filtration among the Sip Series.

The GRAV Martini Shaker bubbler can be your best smoking companion. Highly functional, it's going to give you big hits that will make the purchase worth it. Get your own Martini Shaker by clicking here! Once done, we'll send this beautiful bubbler right at the safety of your home!

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