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GRAV Sip Series: Casual Style and Exquisite Functionality

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GRAV Sip Series: Casual Style and Exquisite Functionality
We all love innovation in glass. MJ Arsenal a mini dab rig series that made us see dabbing in a new light. Now, GRAV forged ahead with the GRAV Sip Series, which is a collection of bubblers or bongs that are unconventional in design, yet have undeniable functionality.

What is the GRAV Sip Series


GRAV together with Micah Evans threw away standard convention and ignored what tradition dictates how a bubbler should look. The result is a set of bubblers that is a proud representation of popular beverage favorites. These series are excellent for those who love herbs, and the flavors that you get are excellent!

Each bubbler is designed for clean enjoyment. The spill-proof design keeps the water inside the bubbler, giving you the freedom to be as carefree and lively as you want! Dance, talk, get animated and mingle from sun up to sundown. It’s a bubbler created for those who love life, party hard, and appreciate things out of the ordinary!

Let’s talk about these bubblers one by one and see which one is the best bubbler for you. All of the bubblers in this section fall under the category of GRAV Sip Series and they're pretty awesome!

GRAV Sip Series Fixed Fission Downstem Martini Shaker Bubbler 7.5 inchMartini Shaker

Shake the house down with this GRAV Sip Series martini shaker. Mix a blend of herbs in the bowl and get ready for a medley of flavors with each hit. It’s got a fission perc downstem that gives you smooth, clean hits from your bowl. Standing 7” tall, you’ve got more than enough room for water filtration and a big hit. With its narrow mouthpiece, you can get draw deep with minimal to no splashback.


GRAV Sip Series Glass Coffee Mug Bubbler 7 inchCoffee Mug

Coffee mug bongs are great for wake and bake mornings. However, if you’re not a fan of a two-in-one smoker but would like to have a bubbler to keep up with your slow, clumsy morning self, this is the one. It comes with a narrow angled straw to make smoking effortless and convenient. With the handle that also works as a winding smoke path for cool rips, hitting the bubbler is like sipping a cup of joe. It’s got a small fission perc that filters your smoke but leaves enough flavor to give punchy, strong, flavorful hits.


GRAV Sip Series Swiss Perc Glass Martini Bubbler 7 inchMartini Glass

Classy, sexy, yet full of features, will make your smoking sesh suitable for your status and active lifestyle. With its curved shape, holding the Martini Glass bubbler is comfortable and easy. The Swiss-style perc has a wide area of diffusion to increase the smoke’s surface area. The result is a clean, effortless rip packed with smoothness and flavor. A simple sip is enough for you to appreciate the care that Micah Evans brought into the design.


Milk CartonGRAV Sip Series Fixed Fission Downstem Milk Carton Mini Bubbler 4 inch

Since thick milk from a bubbler means rich, smooth hits, it’s only fitting that you should get a milk carton bubbler. Of the entire GRAV Sip series, this is the smallest and most handy. It’s got a broad base to keep it from falling over when you’re snacking on some Oreos or chips while you do your homework – for work of course! With its itsy bitsy mouthpiece, you won’t have any problems with backsplash.


GRAV Sip Series Slush Cup BubblerSlush Cup

It’s hard to find someone who’s not fond of a slush cup. It’s got cross-cut downstem to give you smooth rips without any resistance. Another proud Micah Evans creation, it’s a great companion to keep around with you while you enjoy a cool breeze by the porch or have a picnic with friends in a park.

GRAV uses only high-quality boro glass for these bubblers. Beautifully crafted as they are, they are tough and won’t break easily. If you’re looking for something that has style yet gives an exceptional performance, this is the perfect bubbler for you.

Handy as they, they are easier to clean, too. Use your favorite cleaner or the standard iso with salt, and you’ve got a clean bubbler that will be perfect for the next use. Micah Evans spared nothing when he created the SIP Series. You get style and functionality all rolled in one – in short, a bubbler close to perfection.

What to have your own GRAV Sip series bubbler? Have a look at our collection and see them along with other innovative bubblers from GRAV. For an avid herb smoker like you, having a GRAV bubbler is a great choice. Have your own sense of style and flaunt it! Click here now and get started with a culture of smoking like no other!


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