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GRAV Arcline Steamroller Review: A Strong Smoker

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GRAV Arcline Steamroller Review: A Strong Smoker
Grav has created several steamrollers. There’s the GRAV Helix Steamroller and the GRAV Upline Steamroller. Now, we’ll be doing a GRAV Arcline Steamroller review to help you become familiar with the pipe and use it like a pro.

The Arcline Steamroller

As with other GRAV pipes, the Arcline Steamroller is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. It’s made from 19mm tubing, and its only adornment is a flame-polished logo. The design of the pipe will make you think of the Tuscan Columns found in Ancient Italy. Its symmetrical architecture is enhanced by the brilliance and clarity of glass.

The steamroller has an ergonomic flared mouthpiece that helps you create a tight seal for an airtight draw. At the opposite end is a large carb hole that gives you full control over your hits. You can take your sessions long and slow or fast and hard, depending on how wide you want the opening to be.

On top of the pipe near the mouthpiece is a raised flower bowl, giving the pipe that distinct steamroller appearance. The bowl funnels down to a narrow opening that lets the smoke travel down the pipe easily without less chance of ash falling in. Beneath the bowl is a flat base that serves as a stand to keep the steamroller in place

The walls of the glass pipe are thick, making it one of the durable glass hand pipes. Although still fragile as glass, the GRAV Arcline Steamroller isn’t one that will easily break. With portable sizes of 4” and 5”, it’s a steamroller that you can carry with you almost anywhere.

How to use the Arcline Steamroller

Using the GRAV Arcline steamroller is easy, and you can be the lord over the pipe in no time.

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse grind and pack the steamroller bowl firmly but not too tightly.

  2. Hold the steamroller in one hand, using your forefinger to plug the carb hole.

  3. Place the mouthpiece on your lips, being sure to create a tight seal around it.

  4. Draw firmly and light the bowl as you go.

  5. Keep pulling until you fill the chamber with the smoke.

  6. Once you’ve had enough, regulate the flow of release by lifting your forefinger from the carb cap. Small openings for slow draws, while a big one will clear your pipe almost instantly.

  7. Take the steamroller from your lips and keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.

How to clean the steamroller

Maintaining the steamroller pipe is required so that it will function as good as the first day you used it. To clean the GRAV Arcline Steamroller:

  1. Tap out the ash completely from the herb bowl.

  2. Wash the pipe using warm running water to get as much debris out as you can.

  3. Place the pipe inside a Ziploc bag then submerge it entirely in 95% isopropyl alcohol or higher.

  4. Add a generous amount of salt and seal the bag.

  5. Grab hold of the pipe and shake the bag for 3-5 minutes to allow the cleaning solution to flow through the pipe.

  6. Let the pipe soak for 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how thick the residue is inside the pipe.

  7. If there are clogs, let the pipe soak overnight to soften the blockages.

  8. Take out the steamroller from the bag and use pipe cleaners to take out any dirt. You can use a fine dab tool or a straightened paper clip to carefully scrape out stuck-on resin in the bowl. Repeat the soaking if necessary, then scrub the pipe once more.

  9. Once clean, rinse the pipe under warm running water to wash out all of the alcohol thoroughly.

  10. Let the steamroller dry before you use it again.

Final words on the GRAV Arcline Steamroller

It’s an impressive steamroller that has a beautiful appearance and matching functionality. The pipe has a solid feel to it that speaks of its quality and durability. It’s one of the smoothest-hitting steamrollers that you’ll use, yet one of the most hard-hitting ones as well. A puff or two is enough to get you an excellent satisfying session. The GRAV Arcline Steamroller is also very easy to clean, and using a jack style glass screen will help you keep it cleaner longer.

A word of caution: steamrollers are for experienced smokers, and the same goes for this GRAV design. The hits can be harsh for untried throats but can provide thorough enjoyment for those who have been smoking pipes for quite some time.

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