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Mendo Pipe: A Pipe That Can Last Forever

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Mendo Pipe: A Pipe That Can Last Forever
When Phil Jergenson created the Proto Pipe in the 1960’s It soon became one of the famous handheld pipes in the decade. It’s highly portable, very easy to clean, and the most durable pipe, yet it comes with several flaws. After several decades the makers came back with a new and improved Mendo Pipe.

What is the Mendo Pipe?

Using the Proto Pipe was easy, and it was a near-perfect handheld metal pipe for rugged smokers. There were some improvements that needed to be done, though, and Phil Jergenson did just that with the Mendo Pipe.

Just like its predecessor, the Mendo Pipe is made from American Brass made off-the-grid in a rural countryside. It’s got a circular bowl that has a deep burn zone that comes with a permanent pipe screen, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling ash. You still get the poker that’s really handy for taking out clogs. It comes with the 5-bowl storage pod, so you don’t have to carry your grinder around with you when you’re traveling.

There are two notable improvements in the pipe.  One is the patent-pending Bowl Top Clip that helps store your herbs securely even when you’re traveling. It also doubles as a holder for pre-rolls and joints. Another is the Tarburator Flip you’ll see at the bottom. One of the disadvantages of the previous design is that the tar trap is hard to clean. With the flip cover, it’s now easier to take out tar as well as any clogs from the pipe since you can access the bottom for cleaning.

How to use the Mendo Pipe

  1. Push the Bowl Top Clip up or to the left to open the chamber.

  2. Pack your herbs in the bowl but not too firmly to prevent clogging of the air path.

  3. Place the mouthpiece in your lips and draw as you light the bowl.

  4. Draw until you’ve got enough smoke, then release the Mendo Pipe. Keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds before exhaling.

  5. Keep the Bowl Top Clip open until you’ve consumed all your herbs.

  6. Tap out the ash immediately when you’re done to prevent clogs

Storing herbs in the pod.

  1. Twist the pod counter-clockwise to release the pod.

  2. Pull it out from the pipe then fill it with your herbs right up to the base of the notch.

  3. Put the pod back by twisting it clockwise to lock it to the pipe.

  4. To fill your pipe, take out the pod and tap it against the bowl to release the herbs.

  5. Put the storage pod back after each refill.

    Smoking a blunt with a Mendo Pipe. Image source: Reddit

Cleaning the pipe.

It’s recommended that you clean the pipe after 2-3 bowls to ensure that you don’t have any problems with stuck-on resin and clogged bowls. Regular cleaning ensures that it functions as good as the day you got it.

  1. Open the pipe by sliding the Bowl Top Clip and Tarburator flip.

  2. Use the sharp end of the poker tool to clean the permanent screen.

  3. You can use a brush or a tissue to clean the bowl and tar chamber.

  4. Pull out the pipe stem and use the blunt end of the poker tool to push the tissue through. Do the same with the storage pod.

  5. Wipe away any tar or residue from the swivel covers.

  6. You can use iso alcohol to scrub away stubborn dirt and grime

  7. Apply a thin layer of olive oil after cleaning to keep the brass polish, lubricate screws, and retard tarnishing.

Smoker’s insights on the Mendo Pipe

The design is well-thought-out, and you can easily see the skill used in creating this handmade pipe. The size is perfect for a handy on-the-go discreet smoking. You can put it in your pocket or cover it with your hand. The Bowl Top Clip comes in handy when you’ve got a pre-roll or cigarette lying around.

The bowl is not as deep as the original Proto Pipe, though, but the storage pod makes it convenient for you to re-load. The pipe can easily get clogged, making it necessary to do regular leaning. This is no longer such a chore since you can now gain access to the bottom of the pipe.

The Mendo Pipe is a cool hand pipe that you can proudly share with the next generation of smokers in the family. If you want other metal pipes like the Collapsible Metal Magnetic Pipe and the Black Aluminum Metal Hand Pipe with Herb Storage. Click here now, and we’ll get your order delivered to your address!


  • I lost my poker tool, where can I get a replacement?

    Paul Eannetta
  • I bought my mendo a few years ago at this little shop that was having there grand opening. I love this pipe. It will last forever no dought. Stay stoned!!

    Boyd Mott
  • I prefer the Proto over the Mendo for one reason. The Mendo allows too much air to enter by the trap lid and if the poker is out, air comes in there as well. The leaking air prevents getting a good draw through the actual bowl. First Proto I got was in the early 80s and it still works great. Mendo is about 10 years old and doesn’t get used much. BTW, cleaning the Mendo makes it worse.

    K. Flowers
  • How can I buy a Mendo brass pipe? Every shop seems to be sold out. My email is alecmunro11@gmail.com

    Alec Munro
    Date: 7-17-2022

  • James R Laing go to eBay and search for mendo.


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