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MJ Arsenal Hydra VE Mini Rig Review: The Rig that Changed Vaping

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MJ Arsenal Hydra VE Mini Rig Review: The Rig that Changed Vaping
MJ Arsenal entered the smoking industry with a bang with their MJ Arsenal Martian Joint Bubbler. Following their success, they now created the mini rig series, which are small miniature versions of popular dab rig designs. The MJ Arsenal Hydra VE is a different version of the Hydra. Instead of using nails, you use your vape pen. Let’s talk more about this product and why it’s a great way to use it with vape pens.

MJ Arsenal Triple Hole Perc Klein Recycler Mini Dab Rig 3.5 inch

The MJ Arsenal Hydra VE

When you get the MJ Arsenal Hydra VE (Vape Edition), you’ll have it in a box that has useful details about the mini rig. There’s even an illustration that points out the different parts of the mini rig to help you get familiar with it.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the joint is has an inverted custom spout. What’s up with that? That’s because this dab rig is designed to turn your ordinary vaporizer pen into one highly functional dab rig. You’ll appreciate your vape cartridges better because it makes hits easier on the throat.

The rig works by letting vapor pass through the inverted joint. When you take a pull, vapor goes down from the tube to the chamber. As it mixes with water, it goes up the Klein recycler before going back down to the first chamber. This continuous cycle mixes the water and vapor so well, you get cool, moisturized hits that you won’t usually get from your vape pen.

Why is this dab rig so small?

It’s so small, your eyes are going to cross when you do your dabs. However, it’s a small price to pay for the functionality this baby can give.

The size serves a purpose. Every dabber has experienced getting a taste of stale vapor when they hit a big rig. Because of the small size of the MJ Arsenal Hydra, there’s almost zero air exposure for your dabs. The compact size means less air space, so you get the fresh, clean flavor of your herbs. The small size also makes it perfect for vaporized concentrates that can quickly thin out when exposed to air.

Another is the water level. If you’re the type of dabber who prefers intense, bold flavors, you’d want a dab rig that doesn’t need that much water to be functional. This is especially crucial your vape pen doesn’t go any higher than 500 °F. With the Hydra VE, you only need less than a quarter cup of water to help cool down and moisturize your dabs for smooth, clean hits.

How to use the MJ Arsenal Hydra VE

So how are you going to start vaping with this mini rig if you’ve got the Thisthingrips OG Four 2.0? You only need a small water bottle with a spout and your dab pen to get started.

  1. Pour water through the mouthpiece of the MJ Arsenal Hydra VE by using a waterbottle with a micro spout. You can also a container with a Yorker spout, something similar to a squeezable ketchup bottle in your local diner.

  2. Fill it with water about 1/3 or 1/4 full.

  3. Load your vape pen with your concentrate and turn it on by pressing the button rapidly for three times. Re-attach the mouthpiece after loading to keep the rig cleaner longer.

  4. Hold the rig at the base and with one hand and pull from the Hydra VE’s mouthpiece.

  5. Insert the mouthpiece of your dab pen through the female spout and fire up your dab pen.

  6. Keep pressing on the power button as you pull until you get the amount of vapor that you need.

  7. Release the mouthpiece and the dab pen from the spout, and keep the vapor in for 1-3 seconds before you exhale.

The MJ Arsenal Hydra VE is created for dab pen users who are looking for cooler, moisturized hits. What’s great about using this mini rig is that you won’t get spills both from the Hydra VE and your dab pen. No crazy inverting of the dab pen and insane maneuverings of the rig to use it for vaping. Want to have one for your dab pen? Click here now and enjoy cool, smooth vapes full of flavor minus the mess.

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