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Prometheus Pipe Review: A Titan Among Pipes

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Prometheus Pipe Review: A Titan Among Pipes
Have engineers design and create a pipe concept, and you’ll get the Prometheus Pipe. Made by Pyptek, the pipe is an ergonomic pipe that has a well-balanced design. It’s a mix of the pure and clean experience of glass and the durability of metal for years of use.

The bowl and stem are crafted from high-quality, thick borosilicate glass. Encasing the glass is a tough durable exoskeleton made from anodized 6160 aircraft-grade aluminum. The silicone o-Rings keep all the glass pieces secure inside the housing as well as provide additional extra shock absorption. Between the bowl and the stem is a stainless steel pipe screen that keeps the ash out from your hits.

Design of the Prometheus

The pipe comes in five dazzling colors and three sizes for you to choose from.

  • Titan – as the name implies, this is a massive pipe that measures 2 3/4″ x 6 1/2″

  • Pocket – handy and cute this pipe is 1 3/4″ x 4″ in size

  • Nano – by far the smallest and measures 4” in length. It doesn’t have the connecting bowl like the previous two, making it highly discreet and portable.

What’s interesting about the Prometheus pipe is that you can convert it to an oil rig using the oil kit attachment. There’s also a bowl saver silicone cap that will keep your glass bowl in place as you travel.

How to use the Prometheus Pipe

  1. Assemble the pipe by inserting the glass bowl in the bowl casing. Add in the o-Ring beneath the bowl and cover it with the steel.

  2. Insert the glass pipe through the stem.

  3. Connect the bowl and the stem by twisting the stem clockwise until it locks.

  4. Fill the bowl with your favorite herb and draw as you light it up.

  5. Regulate your hits with the carb hole and keep the smoke for 2-3 seconds, then exhale.

Cleaning the Prometheus pipe

You can apply the same principle to any type of Prometheus pipe that you have.

  1. Take out the stem from the bowl by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Remove the screen as well as the o-Ring

  2. Soften the o-Rings in the stem by submerging the entire stem in warm water for at least 10 seconds.

  3. Push out the glass stem from the pipe by using a Sharpee or plastic pen, depending on the size of your Prometheus Pipe. The Sharpee is the best tool as it can help push out the stem without getting stuck. There will be a bit of resistance, so do it firmly yet carefully to keep the glass stem from shooting out.

  4. Remove the glass bowl from the casing by inserting your finger through the casing and carefully push the bowl up.

  5. Place the glass pieces in separate Ziploc bags then soak them in iso alcohol and kosher salt for 5 minutes. Shake the bag while holding on to the glass pieces until the pieces come clean. Rinse them under warm running water to remove all the alcohol from the glass.

  6. For the exoskeleton, use Q-tips or wipes moistened with iso to take out the dirt. Don’t scrub or use abrasive materials to protect the anodized metal finish. Rinse well.

  7. Dry all the parts thoroughly but moisten the o-Rings before putting all the pieces back together. Be careful not to dislodge the rings as you insert the bowl and remember to insert the o-Ring first in the bowl before replacing the metal screen.

  8. Connect the stem to the bowl by twisting it clockwise.

The verdict on the Prometheus pipe

The Prometheus pipe review from different users is promising. It’s super durable and super easy to take apart and clean. It’s a pipe specially engineered to last you for years and years. One user reported dropping it as well as hitting it with a hammer, and it’s still solid as a rock. All the replacement seals, screens, and glass parts are also affordable.

The hits are smooth, and what you get is all flavor. It hits the way a spoon is supposed to hit, and you’ll get to appreciate the all-glass air path of the Prometheus. The price is a bit steep, though, which is cool considering the tough, indestructible, scratch-resistant exterior. It’s definitely going to be an investment if you’re a clumsy smoker or always out having the time of your life.

Are you looking for something more affordable? Check out our store. We have some metal and silicone pipes that are cheaper yet can give you a smooth smoking experience. Click here now, and we’ll send the pipes to your chosen address.

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